Eminem accused of using “Rap God” video to introduce Google-owned digital heaven on Earth in racist, homophobic, rant [VIDEO]

Here is one thing most can agree on, evil lurks everywhere and it is possible to be tempted by the wrong forces. Recent years have led to many believing most who are successful in life is a part of the Illuminati. This has mostly been associated with Jay-Z, but others said to be included are Kanye West, Eminem, 50 Cent, and more.

Such artists as Ja Rule, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, and Aaliyah were said to have gone against the grain that is Illuminati and that is why they were dealt misfortune. Conspiracy theorists have tied this to businessmen, mobsters, celebrities, and politicians. Most have speculated John F. Kennedy’s death was tied into the this.

An interesting video came out this morning breaking down Eminem’s “Rap God” music video. As early as 2008, there were scientific articles that spoke of humans one day being able to upload their minds to the internet to evade death. Breaking it down, that would essentially make each person a god, of sorts.

Eminem recently released the “Rap God” music video, which comes off as another one of those fun videos he is known for. But, this video breaks down Eminem demonstrating what humans will be able to do by 2045, evade death and become a god. He is accused of conspiring with Google, Jay-Z, and others to put this project together and they are making it appeal to black people, sexy white girls, and homosexuals.


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