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Eminem and Rihanna go platinum with “The Monster”

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Eminem and Rihanna go platinum with “The Monster”

Eminem RihannaAt the height of his career, Eminem forced people to deal with having him out of the picture. There was no retirement, but Eminem went into a hiatus that lasted four years that many thought he’d never overcome. Stars came and went while Eminem was on hiatus, including Rihanna, but she came and stayed.

When Eminem made his return, it was not long before Rihanna collaborated with him and they made a classic. Three years later, people are still talking about how intense their “Love The Way You Lie” single is. Eminem went on another hiatus and it was expected that he and Rihanna would link up again.

“The Monster” is the second collaboration between Eminem and Rihanna and it has followed the trend of its predecessors. A music video for the song is due, making it an official single. But, Eminem had some great news he received today about the song, it’s his latest to go platinum.

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