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Fashion designer, De Cordon (@msdecordon), was involved in a terrible accident and photo of her in the hospital shows her face swollen, scabbed, and bloody, LeSean McCoy denies involvement [PHOTO]

All day long, LeSean McCoy, of the Buffalo Bills, has been in the news, over allegations of abuse. This beautiful woman, posted above, on the left and right, is De Cordon. She is a popular fashion designer and has been with LeSean McCoy for years, now.

This morning, LeSean McCoy was accused of getting into a fight with, and beating De Cordon. Soon, the above photo began circulating social media. For the obvious reasons, social media hasn’t been too kind to the Bills’ star, McCoy, since these photos surfaced.

However, LeSean McCoy has since spoken out, denying all of the allegations. Meanwhile, De Cordon, who has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram, has an outpour of support. Her son also shared photos from the incident.

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