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Footage of Joe Budden and Consequence’s fight captured by fan

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Footage of Joe Budden and Consequence’s fight captured by fan

Joe Budden ConsequenceBy The Hip Hop Writer
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Interactions between Joe Budden and Consequence have been interesting, to say the least, as they are the only two active rappers on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop.” Joining the case of the popular series, “Love & Hip Hop,” both rappers spoke on each other in the media. In an early interview, Joe Budden discussed Consequence saying a collaboration was unlikely.

Ever since 2010, with the exception of a break late in 2011, Consequence has been telling anyone who will listen about how badly G.O.O.D. Music treated him. Portrayed as the bad guy in the media, Consequence explained his side of the story. However, Consequence had someone new to rant on in Joe Budden after his radio diss.

At a Hot 97 cast interview, Joe Budden confronted Consequence, asking him about the situation. Consequence said there was no problem, but there was one at the VH1 reunion when he attempted to jump Joe Budden. Broadcasting it on Twitter, Joe Budden said Cons ran after Tahiry Jose hit him and Jen the Pen screamed about involving cops.

Now, the official footage of the fight has surfaced and it turns out Joe Budden was telling the truth.

Watch the entire video below:

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