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Former Bad Boy rapper, Loon, arrested on Drug Charges

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Former Bad Boy rapper, Loon, arrested on Drug Charges

By The Hip Hop Writer
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During the summer of 2003, all eyes were on 50 Cent, but another New York rapper emerged during the same period of time. Had it not been for the massive debut of 50 Cent, Loon would have had more of the spotlight. Signed to Bad Boy Records, Loon was both the future of the label and the future of hip hop. Over the years, Bad Boy had experienced trouble with their flagship artists.

Diddy, at the time known as P. Diddy, had high hopes of things changing with Loon now a member of the team. Loon had already been featured on the “I Need a Girl” series and on the Bad Boys II soundtrack. When he released his self-titled debut album, Loon was hailed as the future of the game, going gold.

By 2004, however, Loon left Bad Boy Records and started his own company. In 2005, Loon was dissed by former friend and Bad Boy artist, Mase. Loon reunited with G-Dep for a mixtape in 2007, but remained out of the headlines, for the most part. Last summer, Loon returned to the headlines when he announced he was dedicating his life to Islam.

Now, Loon has returned to the headlines with news of him being arrested for drug trafficking in the United States. Loon was arrested in Belgium and he is currently being held in prison in Vorst.

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