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Funk Volume plans documentary, “Independent Living,” releases trailer [VIDEO]

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Funk Volume plans documentary, “Independent Living,” releases trailer [VIDEO]

Funk VolumeBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

More of the hip hop world is beginning to pay attention to Funk Volume. Last year, the hip hop world was properly introduced to Hopsin. He has been doing his thing for some time and got into a high-profile feud. But, Funk Volume has a major star on their hands in the form of Dizzy Wright.

Representing Las Vegas, Dizzy Wright has had tremendous success over the past six months. The “New West” is real and it is taking over the game. Most of hip hop’s new movements are independent and Funk Volume is not any different. The group plans to showcase their moves through their “Independent Living” documentary.

Earlier today, Funk Volume released the “Independent Living” trailer. The upcoming documentary will spotlight the ongoing success of Funk Volume. There is a lot going on within the label and a lot of interesting behind the scenes content. A snippet of this is shown in the trailer.

Watch the “Independent Living” trailer below:

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