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Future spends Christmas with Ciara and his children [PHOTO]

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Future spends Christmas with Ciara and his children [PHOTO]

Future 6By Stranga The Great
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

It didn’t even require an album for Future to have a successful year. From the moment the year started, Future was a part of some of the biggest songs of the year, for better or for worse. Early in the year, both Lil Wayne and Rick Ross came under fire for their lyrics and Future sang the hook on both songs.

Personally, Future was also embroiled in controversy, as he had a few exes come forward to blast him. Rising to fortune and fame in a relatively short period of time, several women who have children with Future labeled him a deadbeat dad. Future, of course, responded to these stories.

Christmas is happening right now and everybody is enjoying the time off with their families. Even hip hop’s leading hook man is taking a little time off to be with his family, which now includes Ciara. They all came together for a photo that was too heart-warming to not post on Instagram of Future, Ciara, and his children.

See Future’s Instagram photo below:

Future Christmas 2k13

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