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G. Dep faces 25 years Behind Bars

For seventeen years, G. Dep was getting away with murder, silently living up to the Bad Boy name. He was known for his hit single, “Special Delivery.” Once that single was released, he became very wealthy. But, on his quest for wealth, G. Dep had to kill for a living.

Despite having a nice life, G. Dep was being torn apart by the guilt, so he did the noble thing. The New York rapper decided to turn himself in for a murder he committed in 1993. Many news outlets and rappers commended him on his honesty.

Most people would have not told the truth after keeping a secret for seventeen years. G. Dep opened up and he he had to show up in court. Even though G. Dep was honest, the court had no mercy for him after he committed murder and kept it hidden for so long.

If G. Dep is found guilty of the murder charges, he will face 25 years in prison.

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