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Game pushes “The R.E.D. Album” back, rethinks Jay-Z feud

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Game pushes “The R.E.D. Album” back, rethinks Jay-Z feud

For a year and a half, Game has been gearing up for the release of his fourth studio album, The R.E.D. Album. Initially, Game had planned to release this album during the fall of 2009. However, as soon as he completed the album, he and Dr. Dre reunited. Because of this, the album was pushed back to have Dr. Dre’s work featured on it.

The December release date for the album was pushed back until February, but when February came, the album did not. Given the hectic schedule that Dr. Dre operates under, he could not do too much for the album. In an effort to keep the project going, Dre called upon Pharrell to help out. This led to the album being pushed back until March.

Obviously March and April went by without any releases. But, Game announced that his album would arrive on June 15. Eminem has been trying to secure a release date for Recovery since it was still Relapse 2. Now that he has recorded some tracks that Interscope likes, they have decided to release his album on June 15.

Despite now being on the same label as Eminem, Game knows that will not help him sell records, so he decided to push his album back to avoid low record sales. In his career, all three of Game’s albums have been platinum successes. However, in this rough economic climate, people are only going to purchase a few luxury items and when it comes to rap, Eminem is more valuable than Game. Over time, this fact may change, but as it stands, that is not the case.

Last summer, Game was gearing up to release The R.E.D. Album and he was upset with Jay-Z for some reason. Game spent most of last season on tour and he managed to diss Jay-Z at every stop that he made around the world. What he was hoping for was a response from Jay-Z. Game incorrectly predicted that he would be dissed on The Blueprint 3. He said that Jay-Z would dedicate an entire track to dissing him, but the only thing that Game got was a message from Hov saying that he was not going to talk about him.

When Shyne was released from prison and sent to Belize, Game was among the first rappers to reach out to him. During their conversations, Game informed Shyne of his multiple feuds. He said that Shyne advised him to forget about the multiple feuds and concentrate on his music. Later, when his longtime rival, 50 Cent, started feuding with Jay-Z, Game said that he was glad he decided against feuding with him. Then, he briefly sided with Jay-Z over 50 Cent.

Now, with his album coming sometime in the next few months, Game has made a promise to never go against Nas. In the past, Nas had a high-profile feud with Jay-Z, but the two rappers have been allies for the past five years. The rappers appear to be among the best of friends and it has to be a strain on Nas to be friends with both Game and Jay-Z with Game dissing him the way that he does. Perhaps out of respect for Nas, Game has decided not to diss Jay-Z on his forever upcoming album, The R.E.D. Album.

Game will release The R.E.D. Album on June 29, 2010 on Black Wall Street, Star Trak, Aftermath, and Interscope Records.

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