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Game speaks on Australia spitting incident

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Game speaks on Australia spitting incident

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

At this point, there is not much Game can do, which will surprise those who are familiar with him. One of the moodiest rappers ever, Game will diss an artist and then praise them minutes later. Those quirks are what hip hop has come to love the Compton rapper for. The determination the rapper has led him back into the studio of Dr. Dre, following a four-year hiatus in 2009.

But, during his Australian tour, Game did shock many when news, and footage, surfaced of him spitting at fans while he was performing. It had been established Game would do, or say, just about anything to another rapper just for their reaction. However, when it came to the fans, many hoped Game drew a line somewhere.

Perhaps those who judged Game over what happened in Australia jumped the gun too soon. Game has broken his silence on the situation. The reason he decided to spit at fans, who he said were one male and one female, was because they heckled him throughout his performance. Despite spitting in their direction, Game said the spit never hit either of them.

Before the performance, Game held a meet-and-greet, but was pressed for time. The couple had some items signed by Game, but tried to hold up the line before security made them move ahead. Upset, the couple followed Game to his after-party, where they began heckling him. Tired of their antics, Game had enough and spit at them out of anger and frustraion.

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