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Game wants to beat the fuck out of George Zimmerman

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Game wants to beat the fuck out of George Zimmerman

Game 13One of the saddest stories in recent history is the Trayvon Martin story. Most should remember Trayvon Martin, who was murdered on his way home from the store in 2012. The man responsible for the murder, George Zimmerman, was released from all the related charges.

Hip hop took Trayvon Martin on as their own personal responsibility and they have adopted his family. What happened was unjust and Game is one of the many rappers who is continuing to fight on behalf of the family. Meanwhile, George Zimmerman recently agreed to a celebrity boxing tournament.

Game, who is currently building a new house, accepted the offer, according to TMZ, and he had choice words. Angry, obviously, at George Zimmerman, Game said he would be more than happy to spar with George Zimmerman. In fact, Game says he wants to “beat the fuck” out of George Zimmerman and show that differences can be settled without weapons.

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