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George Zimmerman celebrity boxing challenge officially cancelled

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George Zimmerman celebrity boxing challenge officially cancelled

Last week, there was a shocking story about George Zimmerman doing a celebrity boxing challenge that sparked controversy. George Zimmerman’s “celebrity” status was earned after he murdered Trayvon Martin and got off scot free. Immediately, he received an acceptance from Game to fight.

DMX also agreed to fight George Zimmerman and the match was set up. The promoter made his media rounds, talking to both TMZ and Hot 97 about the fight and was met with opposition. Earlier this week, a petition was started to end the celebrity boxing match.

It looks like all of the hard work and fighting paid off in a major way. Earlier today, the promoter cancelled the fight. There was plenty of backlash from the media and from people online due to George Zimmerman not being a celebrity in the traditional sense, as he is a murderer who is loathed by most of society.

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