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George Zimmerman denies Game’s boxing request

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George Zimmerman denies Game’s boxing request

George ZimmermanIt’s been almost two years since George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, a teenager walking back home. When it comes to devastating situations, the phrase goes “time heals all wounds,” but it’s been hard to move past this one. If not from anywhere else, Trayvon Martin’s family has hip hop’s support.

Throughout the summer of 2012, a lot of rappers mentioned George Zimmerman in their lyrics. Rick Ross infamously uttered “George Zimmerman don’t want it” in his verse on Usher’s “Lemme See.” Recently, George Zimmerman signed up for a celebrity boxing challenge and Game immediately accepted it.

The promoter for the event decided to speak out and he revealed George Zimmerman did not want to fight Game. Even though he turned Game’s request down, George Zimmerman is not ruling out fighting against rappers. Quite the opposite, George Zimmerman did accept DMX’s challenge.

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