Girl gets knocked out by football randomly thrown by a man during a tailgate party [VIDEO]

Girl knocked out by random football thrown during tailgate party

When people are doing things like tailgating, all kinds of things can happen. The random things that happen don’t normally lead to people getting hurt. But, when there’s a lot of people and a lot of drinking, people can get hurt. However, most people would assume the hurting would come from violence. No, a girl got knocked out because she got randomly hit in the head by a football.

Sporting events are a memorable experience, but not just because of the game. During homecoming season, it’s about everything that’s going on. Normally, two of the best teams are facing off. In addition, most of the alumni are present, along with all of the power players. So, a lot of people are coming together in a small place. A lot of things can happen.

People inexperienced with tailgating and partying are often warned to be safe. None of these warnings ever have anything to do with ducking being hit by a football. However, after this situation, maybe somebody should issue that warning. A man, who has a heck of an arm, randomly spiraled the football, and it went all the way across the parking lot. It hit a girl in the head, knocking her out.

Source: Barstool Sports

Girl knocked out by random football thrown during tailgate party

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