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Gucci Mane denies choking cellmate to death on Twitter

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Gucci Mane denies choking cellmate to death on Twitter

Gucci Mane 18It’s hard to describe the year of 2013 for Gucci Mane without bringing up all the bad things that happened to him. Many people questioned how Gucci Mane became so popular and they got their answer this year. Despite this, Gucci Mane alienated his team that helped make him a trap legend.

Those close to Gucci Mane have said he is struggling, as he has ranted on a lot of people once close to him. His September rant was so bad, Rocko went to see him in the midst of it and he then spoke on the situation. But, Gucci Mane made bigger headlines this weekend over something highly controversial.

There was a story broken that claimed Gucci Mane choked his cellmate to death after he came onto him. Years ago, Jay-Z said he discovered the world is nothing more than controversy vultures and the acceptance of the Gucci Mane story proves it. But, he took to his Twitter and said the rumor was nothing more than a lie.

Gucci Mane tweet deny rumors


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