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Gucci Mane drops “World War 3” mixtapes, “Molly,” “Lean,” and “Gas”

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Gucci Mane drops “World War 3” mixtapes, “Molly,” “Lean,” and “Gas”

Gucci Mane 6By DJ Junior
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Where has DJ Junior been? That’s the question right? Without going too much into that, know there are a lot of big things in the works that took priority. But, the schedule has opened back up and allowed for a continuance of DJ Junior articles on Hip Hop Vibe. So, a special shout out to HHV for allowing this leeway.

It was only fitting to return on August 13, the day Gucci released three mixtapes in one day. That’s mixtape history, no matter how some people may want to tear it apart. There is not anyone who drops mixtapes like Gucci Mane and tonight he dropped his World War 3 series.

Tonight, Gucci Mane released Molly, Lean, and Gas to the public. The tapes are available for free download and also for purchase. Respect the artistry that is hip hop music, so those who liked what they heard, as Will Smith would say, don’t download, go out and buy the record.

Below, the download and order links are included along with the mixtape covers.

Download Molly by Gucci Mane here. Purchase Molly by Gucci Mane here.

Download Lean by Gucci Mane here. Purchase Lean by Gucci Mane here.

Download Gas by Gucci Mane here. Purchase Gas by Gucci Mane here.

See the Molly, Lean, and Gas mixtape covers below:


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