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Head of security for Jay-Z killed by police while naked

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Head of security for Jay-Z killed by police while naked

Read the comments on Facebook and Twitter, if given the chance, some people would actually try to kill Jay-Z. The level of hatred borders on insane, but it is a fact of life for anyone famous and rich, so measures have to be taken. Clearly, Jay-Z is the type of person who needs security around him when he goes to make his moves.

Norman Oosterbroek is the man Jay-Z and many other major celebrities came to rely on when keeping them safe. Starting out in South Africa protecting Nelson Mandela, eventually Oosterbroek made his move to North America. Landing in the United States, he began guarding Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, and many others.

Now, according to the Miami Herald, Norman Oosterbroek beaten a neighbor named Christine Jung until her husband came to defend her. With an elevated body temperature, law enforcement in Miami was called. In an effort to make him stop, the man was tazed and he died.

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