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HHV Exclusive: Blanco Caine talks Chicago hip hop, “Go” with Mikkey Halsted, Giftz, and Broadway, and “White America”

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HHV Exclusive: Blanco Caine talks Chicago hip hop, “Go” with Mikkey Halsted, Giftz, and Broadway, and “White America”

Blanco CaineAmong the emcees making a major impact all on his own is Blanco Caine. A lot of people may recognize his effort that was released earlier today, “Go.” The new single features Mikkey Halsted, Giftz, and Broadway. This track is the latest single off the upcoming mixtape, White America.

White America is due out in only five days and Blanco Caine is on the move promoting this new record. His mixtape release comes in the midst of a strong run for the Chicago hip hop scene that is full of new talent. Blanco Caine, however, is a fixture who has been around for some time.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to Blanco Caine, as he took a few minutes out today to give some time. With music being his passion, Blanco Caine talked about his take on Chicago hip hop, his new single, and his mixtape. Once again, the mixtape is due on July 30.

Read the entire interview below:

What would you say is the biggest stigma against Chicago hip hop artists? I think, because of the murder rate here and hip hop’s association to it, they thinking we can’t be businessmen. That if they give us a budget, we’ll be dead or in jail before we can promote a project. But, check this out, nobody gave Chicago a shot, we took it and at this point we’re self-contained. What you may not know is local artist are supporting each other and Chicago consumers really just want to hear there own! They are proud of what everyone is doing and enjoy the music. So let the naysayers think what they want.

How do you feel about the continued success of a lot of these Chicago-bred artists? I’m happy for them, never been an ounce of hate or jealousy in my heart . I’m still grinding to hit my ultimate goals and I really do this because I love it. I love competing I love creating and I think the reason it took us so long to get the people behind us is because nobody wanted to work together. Everybody wanted to be the one, you feel me? You see that changed and here we are. I’m proud of my city

As a veteran on this hip hop scene, what type of advice would you offer to those trying to break into the game? I would say finding your own niche is the most important and knowing who you are. Maximize your resources and learn to give and take. Also, that making music is the easiest part, this game takes a lot of investment with very high risks. But, if you’re consistent enough you’ll get the opportunity. Own the moment!

Can you tell us about this new single you have, “Go,” with Mikkey Halsted, Giftz, and Broadway? One word, “Crazy!” Mikkey is like my big brother. I met him when I was a shorty and I was the “lil nigga” that hung around the older “niggaz.” So, how amazed was I when Mikk got his first deal with Cash Money (laughs.) Fast forward to now he hits me on my Twitter and says “I got something for you check ya gmail you can have it.” Pressed play and there you “#GO,” wrote and recorded my verse. Then, I thought about it like it’s not to many dope records with four cats spittin’ on ’em anymore. So, I called up Broadway, who been doing his thing for years and Giftz, who bars be insane and the rest is history!

Will the rest of White America have a similar sound to “Go,” or does each track boast a sound of its own? Each record I brought something different. I recorded so many songs and took my time with this one so I know the people will enjoy it!

DJ Supastar J Kwik is a big figure on the underground hip hop scene, what led to you working with him on this mixtape? Man, Kwik is my homie, a mentor, and I’m a fan of his work. We been listening to Kwik tapes since Gucci Mane’s No Pad No Pencil, So Iccey Boys one and two, so on and so forth. We hit the road together to promote, just got back from the Grammys in LA, and also visited Miami, and he is a key part of my movement! Shot out J Kwik and all the Hoodrich DJs.

You also have Vic Lloyd hosting the project, how did you and him wind up working on this project? Vic Lloyd is that dude on Chicago’s fashion scene and a dope DJ. I always slide on him at Leaders Clothing Store shop with him. I explained to him what I was doing and he was down with it!

As far as collaborations, who else aside from the aforementioned people will appear on White AmericaThe tape is also hosted by the legendary Bigga Rankin, can’t forget the OG. Shout out Cool Runnings, salute. I got Young Buck on there, free Buck mane! Calico Jonez, Fat Boi Fresh, Mikkey Halsted, Tree, Giftz, Mano, G’ Zus Piece, my right hand man Bodi Deeder and more.

Surely, you are aware of the current race debate going on, did you keep this in mind as you were recording White America and did you ever consider a title change? When you’re a minority, race is always a issue, I don’t care what they say. Initially, no though it was more associated to my stage/street name. But, with a few chain of events ,I started to feel more a responsibility to make the title mean more.

Where can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? You can check out my official website,, my Facebook is Blanco Caine, the Twitter is @blancoCGE, and Instagram is Blanco Caine. White America Drops July 30th on get that!

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