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HHV Exclusive: Brittany Smooch talks “Smooch” EP, “Kamikaze” with Lil Twist, and New York hip hop

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HHV Exclusive: Brittany Smooch talks “Smooch” EP, “Kamikaze” with Lil Twist, and New York hip hop

Brittany SmoochBy K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In addition to all of the artists who usually dominate hip hop every summer, there have been some new faces and names. This summer, a strong hit record had been “Kamikaze” and the voice behind that track is Brittany Smooch featuring Lil Twist. Brittany Smooch is one of the fastest-rising rappers in the game right now.

Earlier this year, Brittany Smooch dropped her EP, Smooch, which is still doing well four months after it came out. Brittany Smooch has had a strong reaction to the “Kamikaze” single and the music video did very well. When it comes to star appeal, Brittany Smooch has it all with the looks and the talent.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to chat with Brittany Smooch and she carried on an interesting conversation about her career. With Smooch being her biggest release, to date, she talked about that and the “Kamikaze” single with Lil Twist. Brittany Smooch also gave her take on the new New York hip hop scene.

Read the entire interview below:

What do you think made your Smooch EP stick out from the other records that have dropped this year? Well, I think my EP is different from the other records is because there are a lot of different genres on this record. I have included a little bit of everything.

Being both young and a female in this industry, do you ever feel pressure when it comes to your career? I have a great team around me that is always there for me. So, no, I really do not feel much pressure.

Lil’ Kim had a similar start to you and she became a legend, do you look to her as a source of inspiration? Oh my God. Lil’ Kim is my favorite. I listen to her music all the time. She is one of my idols because she is a female rapper, I totally look up to Lil’ Kim.

Can you tell us how the “Kamikaze” record with Lil Twist came together? Yeah. I heard this beat and then I started writing to it. We questioned who would be a good fit and then Lil Twist came up. We sent the song over to him, he did it, and it all worked very well for us.

How do you feel about the energy surrounding that track? I love that song, it’s a club song. It’s the song that gets you ready, it’s upbeat and fun and a lot of people can have fun to it.

What was it like going out and shooting that music video? That was so much fun. We shot it on Mirage Lake in California and we actually so Mirages in the ground, it was so hot. I had the best time out there. Lil Twist is such a nice guy, it was a good experience.

Your success makes you one of the many New York artists restoring the city to hip hop prominence, how do you feel to be a part of this turnaround? I love it, this is my dream since I was a little girl. Doing this since I was a little girl, singing and rapping, to now be breaking through is a blessing.

What is your favorite part of this re-energized New York hip hop scene? I love everything about it, I love being a part of it.

Who are some of your favorite new artists, outside of yourself, from New York? Oh my God. I listen to a ton of people, I am really into Joey Bada$$, I love his music.

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