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HHV Exclusive: Dan Herman releases a statement about Chinga Chang Records rumors

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HHV Exclusive: Dan Herman releases a statement about Chinga Chang Records rumors

Dan HermanLast month, Chinga Chang Records made major headlines when they revealed Cassidy signed with the label. Before this, Chinga Chang Records was the center of plenty of discussion. This was when they were in talks with signing Amanda Bynes. The past few days, however, have been filled with controversy.

Chinga Chang Records has received plenty of disses and even some scathing information leaked about them from 50/50 Entertainment. Sean Smith, the CEO of 50/50, has said he wants the world to know the truth about Dan Herman and Chinga Chang Records. In response to this, Dan Herman has defended himself on Twitter.

Dan Herman reached out to Hip Hop Vibe to release an exclusive statement that tells his side of the story. Clearly not happy with what’s being said about both himself and his company, Dan Herman asked for the chance to clear the air. This morning, Dan Herman sent over a statement about the controversy.

Read Dan Herman’s statement below:

When you’re an effeminate , depressed, guy pushing 50, without distro and selling your records on PayPal, It’s very pathetic. I tried to help. He became so thirsty for a spot in the industry, his low functional mind ignored common sense and he believed his own delusional fantasies. Hence this hilarious meeting. The only real form of documentation that was on your site was my drivers license for my home in Florida. Every other photo was a fake, with the exception shot of me paying parking tickets lol. The guy followed me like my ex girl. When I was 20 I signed Kool G Rap, now I am about to make hip hop history with Cassidy and Lil Scrappy, and I am half his age. The only reason I am commenting is because I feel bad for the guy and I hope he focuses his attention on his mental health instead of on me. His problems are not with Chinga Chang Records, his problems are with own shortcomings. Let’s all just feel bad for the guy, and hope he doesn’t let his failures cause him to hurt himself. Mental illness is a serious thing and I will hope the best for him, while making hit records with well known artists.

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