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HHV Exclusive: DJ Babey Drew talks Chris Brown’s potential retirement, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” and more

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HHV Exclusive: DJ Babey Drew talks Chris Brown’s potential retirement, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” and more

DJ Babey DrewAnyone who watched the last season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” should be very familiar with DJ Babey Drew. His ongoing relationship with DJ Traci Steele, as friends, co-parents, and business partners became one of the leading topics of the show this past season. DJ Babey Drew is also the official DJ for Chris Brown.

Chris Brown is at a new peak in his career and he is two months from releasing his new album, X. Early reviews from those closest to Chris Brown say he will have another banger on his hands and this includes DJ Babey Drew. The fall season is officially here and DJ Babey Drew has big plans to keep it just as hot as summer.

Today, DJ Babey Drew got up with Hip Hop Vibe and he addressed one of the biggest rumors circulating about Chris Brown, his retirement. DJ Babey Drew was open and honest about Chris Brown’s situation. In the interview, he also talked about his time on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” and DJ Traci Steele, the mother of his child.

Read the entire interview below:

Do you think Chris Brown’s next album, X, will have a big impact on the game? Do I think his next album will have an impact? I think all of his albums have had big impacts on that game. That’s a wait and see type thing because something unexpected always happens. I can tell you this much, the album is dope, he’s going joints on that, I mean joints.

What was your opinion on the “Fine China” single and the music video? “Fine China” was dope, it was amazing. Real good music and I feel like a lot of the feel good is coming back to the industry, it’s dope.

Did Chris Brown tell you, beforehand, that he was considering retiring and how do you feel about him calling it quits? No, I didn’t hear anything about that. More than anything, I think he was caught up in the emotion. But, I don’t think he’s going to retire, but being pressured in that moment, he went “fuck it, I just won’t do music.”

Why did you join the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?” I got cast for it, I went to a casting in Jersey, it worked out and then we were on.

How did VH1 go about casting you for the show? Actually, the longer story is Traci went to last year’s Love & Hip Hop preview party and talked to the producers, Mona and Stephanie, she told them they needed a DJ on the show. So, a year later, they hit her back, she wasn’t dating anyone, so she had me tag along and then we got on the show. Had she gone to the casting with anyone else, she probably wouldn’t have made the show.

Being honest, you were portrayed as a bit of a jerk, were you alright with that? Nah. I didn’t like it because I’m not a jerk, sometimes I am to Traci, but everyone is a jerk to their significant other, even though me and her are not together. But, they take an hour out of your day when you’re acting like a asshole and people assume that’s how you are. It’s all good, the people who meet me know I’m nothing like that.

Was being a part of that cast and that craziness at all what you expected? Oh yeah. I kind of knew what to expect. I didn’t watch the show during the first season, but after tuning in to the reruns.

Off-camera and all business aside, what is your relationship with DJ Traci Steele like? We are best friends, we help each other out, we raise a child together. She’s buying a new car tomorrow and I’m helping her do that, so we support each other at all times.

Where can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? @DJBabeyDrew is how they can find me on everything.

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