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HHV Exclusive: Dro Watts talks new mixtape and Los Angeles hip hop

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HHV Exclusive: Dro Watts talks new mixtape and Los Angeles hip hop

Dro WattsSome may agree, others may not, either way Los Angeles being a topic up for debate and discussion shows just how far the city has come. Only two years ago, Los Angeles hip hop was considered to be dead, outside of Game and he was taking forever to set a release date for his album. But, there would be several rappers to explode onto the scene in 2011.

The internet first met Dro Watts during the “dark ages” of Los Angeles hip hop. A native of Watts, also known as South Central Los Angeles, Dro always showed promise. With several videos on YouTube, Dro Watts built a solid fan base. Now, Dro Watts is back, fresh off the release of his “One Two” music video.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to chat with Dro Watts earlier today. Only weeks removed from the “One Two” video premiere, Dro Watts talked about the video that is taken from his upcoming mixtape and the new project. Being from Los Angeles and the city being back in the mix, Dro also talked about his hometown.

Read the entire interview below:

Earlier this month, you released the “One Two” music video, correct? Yes sir. It was a tribute to hip hop music, I feel the culture has been watered down, so I decided to pay homage to the legends who opened the doors for us. But, instead of going forward, hip hop has gone backwards because the message has been lost. I want to show that music still has a message.

So far, what has the reaction been like to this song? Oh man. People from all over the world love this song. It has been out for two weeks and it has 5,000 views. The world feels and respects this song.

What should fans expect on the overall mixtape? This time around, I am expecting a lot of attention due to all of the topics I am touching on. My God-given talent is to speak, so I am doing so and opening a lot of ears and a lot of minds.

Can you tell us about the process of creating your new project? It’s been flowing, for the most part. When you are blessed by the Heavenly Father, you speak it without much thought. It is easy for me to do the real music, but it is difficult for me to dumb it down. This time around, I am having no problem just breezing through it.

Do you feel it is an advantage to be a West Coast artist who does not focus on the “gangsta rap” the area is known for? It does not matter where you are from, it all depends on the individual and the background and upbringing they have. I grew up in the ghetto, my father is doing life in prison for murder and my brothers are too. The gangsta aspect surrounded me and it is in me, so I do something different. A lot of people try to prove their gangsta, I don’t have to do that. I am no killer, but I am not a pushover either. In music, I make something everyone can enjoy. I have some of everything on this album and the focus is music, it has never been about gangsta to me, only music.

Who will you feature on this upcoming album? I will only feature up-and-coming artists from my crew on this album because this is my time to shine. I want the world to respect us and respect what we have going on, respecting me as a person.

Can you tell us more about this crew? The group is called the Pedarol Squad, we have been rolling through all of the punches together. We have male and female singers, producers Justin, who is incredible, along with Choir Boy from Texas.

There is a new day in West Coast hip hop with the Kendrick Lamars and the Tygas, how do you feel about this overall shift? I feel like it is going back toward what music should be. Kendrick Lamar opened the door to what real music should be, he made a real leap in going back to real hip hop, shout out to him. I thank Kendrick for opening the door and allowing me to come in and this is my time to make something happen. As far as Tyga, I do not see much of a shift through his music.

Can you give us your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? On Facebook, look up Dro Watts, Twitter is @dro103, I don’t have an Instagram, but you can check me out on YouTube at Dro from Watts. Keep God first, respect and love everybody, and let’s bring back hip hop.

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