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HHV Exclusive: Kavika Levi talks career in modeling, building high-profile relationships, racism, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Kavika Levi talks career in modeling, building high-profile relationships, racism, and more

By Bossyy Staff Writer

In the modeling world, Kavika Levi is beginning to make a name for himself. On social media, he is becoming a popular force, as he has reached 34,000 followers, on Instagram. Numbers like those are turning him into an influencer.

This is a long way from where Kavika Levi began, growing up in a small town in rural California. Back then, he had dreams of becoming big, but his original goals were to become a surgeon. However, fate landed him in the world of modeling, where he’s made some high-profile contacts.

Among Kavika Levi’s top celebrity co-signs is Evelyn Lozada, who is best-known for “Basketball Wives.” She was the center of some controversy, last season, that put Kavika in the drama, where he was portrayed as someone he says he’s not. To further clear his name, Kavika Levi spoke directly to HHV, and also spoke on his success, in the industry.

Read the entire interview below:

How did you get your start in the industry? I first got my start in modeling through one of my older sisters. She was a model before I made it a full career choice. My big break was working with high profiles photographer, Vinnie Gotti.

What was it that captivated you about the world of modeling, when most people go for being an actor or a rapper? I never really thought about being a model, I wanted to be a surgeon. But, I found myself attracting photographers and being asked to feature in magazines. I also sing, so that is another journey I’m hoping to open doors with, too.

Can you tell us how you managed to parlay your successes into relationships with major celebrities? I managed to gain high profile celebs into friendships by being my genuine self. I’m not too clingy, or wanting to be around for posts. I also work very hard to be who I am and where I am in life, and I’m still working very hard and scratching the surface.

Already, you have dealt with what is commonly referred to as “the price of fame,” with someone coming for you, and trying to cast you in a bad light. Please, can you tell the people what’s really going on, there? With fame does come some insane accusations and drama filled rumors. I’ve had my share that’s for sure, but with this recent issue I was targeted due to Evelyn posting one of my posts on her story highlights. I responded with a simple response and it took a left turn from there. My DM’s were altered and photoshopped, stating I was Evelyn’s cousin to gain more attention to her posts and most likely to get Evelyn under more scrutiny. She not only targeted the looks of my photos, but my ethnicity and my preferred sex. I was called a sand n*****, towel head, fag, etc., and not once did she post her slandered messages. I spoke about her weave and that’s how low it got on my end.

I don’t normally acknowledge hatred or delusional messages, but she continued to say more disrespectful comments towards my posts/ photos she than blocked me after i liked her comments.

Can you talk more about your original aspirations of being a surgeon? You know, it’s never too late, have you thought about still pursuing that route? Being and becoming a surgeon was a huge part of my aspirations, but living in a small town with no opportunities, or scholarships really didn’t put a high perspective for me. I would love to put energy into what I once had so much dreams on becoming. But, as of right now, I’m enjoying every moment doing what I love and creating.

With so many things being thrown at you, how hard is it to maintain the “when they go low, we go high” mentality? I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but i would say mentally it does get to you. So many things happening at once and trying to be your best at everything to have individuals motivated to see you lose. I take time off for myself when i feel like things are out of my control. I head back home, hang with my siblings, niece and nephews and just enjoy what god has given me. Family is everything and having a real close bond with them and God makes things so much clear for me.

With that being said, everything does happen for a reason. So, does knowing that ever provide you some sense of comfort, when it seems like the sky is falling? Everything most definitely an eye opener for me. Being young and dealing with so much at such an early stage in my career has molded me to have such touch skin and preparing me for what’s to come in my near future. I just hope those who doubted me learn to love me and become proud for what I’m doing not only for myself, but for my family and my nieces and nephews future. I’ve gone through so much and my story is nothing i really promote, but they would be very proud if they just really took the time to find out about me.

You actually have a diverse background, yourself, can you tell us about your culture, and your small town upbringing? I’m of mixed decent. My grandfather is actually a mystery, but the family does know of his creole and Armenian background. He was adopted at a young age by a Caucasian family in Los Angeles and he met my grandmother who is of Mexican and French decent. I’m from Compton,but moved to Apple Valley, when I was around 7 years old due to my father’s line of work (government). Apple Valley is a small town in the high desert, which is basically considered a retirement area. My father was very strict and very family oriented, where if one of us was at a friends house we all were at that friends house. We couldn’t go to our friends birthday parties if my parents didn’t know their parents, I’ve never been to a house party not even my senior year. My mom is very strong minded as well, but she was more lenient when it came to having friends over.

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