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HHV Exclusive: KD Aubert talks new single, “Falling,” changes in music, new film “2016,” “Friday” franchise, and more


HHV Exclusive: KD Aubert talks new single, “Falling,” changes in music, new film “2016,” “Friday” franchise, and more

KD AubertBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Within the entertainment industry, there is a complex among all the entertainers. Athletes want to be musicians and movie stars, musicians want to be athletes, and movie stars want to be musicians. Truthfully speaking, most of them are talented enough to switch roles.

KD Aubert is one of these jackstresses (jack of all trades) who wears multiple hats. Not only is she a well-known actress, she makes two genres of music, R&B and EDM. Still, she is involved with the cameras, as she has movies and a new show in the works.

This afternoon, Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to speak to KD Aubert about several topics. She spoke about the comedy show she is working on, her part in the water crisis solution, her music, and doing another Friday movie much more. There are many people she is working with, among them the legendary Too $hort.

Read the entire interview below:

Can you tell us about the success of your single, “Falling,” did you expect it to be so big? I just wanted people to like it as much as I did, which fortunately they liked it. It was a different genre from what I believe people would expect from me. So, I’ve been happy with the outcome.

Okay, so you also have a comedy show in the works, how do you feel about the potential of this show? The potential is great, because the people involved are extremely funny. I definitely know funny and the show is already getting a great response, so I’m happy about that. I believe it will have tremendous success.

How do you feel your personality, such as your sense of humor, differs from your best-known movie roles? (Laughs) Well, I really feel like my movie roles haven’t given me the opportunity to show my true personality, because most of the time people are shocked when they meet me. So, I often get people telling me they didn’t know I was so funny, or so cool, or so down to earth. That’s why, currently, I am producing my own content and my own shows that are more personality driven.

That’s why I love doing interviews to show my character, my sense of humor, and my heart.

What feeling did you have after meeting Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre? They were outstanding opportunities. If I had those opportunities now, I would have treated it differently. At the time, I feel as if I didn’t understand the value, or how major it was, and I feel like my level of aggresiveness wasn’t where it should have been. But, the good thing is that we’re all still friends, although I don’t see them, but I feel if the opportunity was to present itself again that I’m definitely ready this time.

You recently posted a photo Oprah and Steadman on your Instagram, recently, can you tell us more about that? It all happened in a matter of 24 hours. I was at church and the pastor, Dr. Michael, introduced my friend to Oprah, as he recently wrote a book similar to The Secret, which Dr. Michael was a part of. So, it made me think of how many people would love to hand their book to Oprah and it made me think back to being in Jimmy Iovine’s office and how many artists would have loved to be in that position.

Going back to the previous question, I’ll say I didn’t realize that moment, even being in the studio with Dr. Dre, The D.O.C., who always has been a strong advocate for my writing, I was in the studio with those guys, I realized the moment that I got so rattled that I couldn’t finish the song. I got through the first verse and the hook, but when I got to the second verse, I couldn’t do it and I had to be honest and tell Dr. Dre that my mind was blown and it was preventing me from finishing the song.

Speaking of Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre, and opportunities, would you join up with Apple Music or TIDAL, if you had the chance and why? If I had to choose one? I don’t know. If I had to choose one, I would choose the company that is more in tune with the times. But, I would also choose the one that would work best for me and what I’m trying to do in the music industry. To me, it’s not always about going with the bigger name. In my mind, whoever I go with will be the bigger name, because I make good music.

I feel that, as an artist, I have good ideas and I’m open to direction and criticism. I’m not the artist who thinks they know everything, but I do follow my gut and that takes me to where I want to be. I do love Jay Z though, he is a Sagittarius like me and a forward thinker, I love what he did with Rihanna. Then again, Jimmy Iovine is kind of like the Steve Jobs of music, in a sense. It’s kind of like Clive Davis, I feel like, in our lifetime, we are gifted with people like that who just know, like Russell Simmons, and if they don’t know, they are smart enough to know the people who know.

Can you tell us more about your film projects? Oh, yeah! We have a horror film coming out, distributed by Lionsgate and it’s called 2016 and I’m really excited for this to come out. I play the lead and I really hope it comes out well and the executives make the right decisions, because I believe it will change my life and my career for the better.

If there ever was a fourth Friday, would you be open to returning to work with Ice Cube again? Oh! Yes! Of course. I’m hoping that I’m involved and they remember me if they do make a fourth Friday. But, who knows? It would be good, but I also feel like you shouldn’t mess with greatness. I believe Friday After Next made such an impact, I’ve never been a part of a movie where everyone knows every line of the movie. That’s like trying to remake The Goonies, I would gag. But, I can’t tell you what I’d do to be involved in it. I love adventure movies. That’s why I’m excited for my horror film, I put everything into it, it was really my special moment.

What are some of the other things you have going on that the people should be on the lookout for? Next week, anyone who knows me knows that my dream is to have a food show, not a cooking show, but eating. So, I’ve been working on this creation called “Hot and Hungry.” I didn’t know if I wanted a co-host and I found one called Becky Robinson, she’s white, hot, and funny as hell. She’s been on “Wild ‘n Out” and this is a Thelma & Louise, Laverne & Shirley, sitcom-like food show.

I’ve been working on putting this together for quite some time and I am working with some producers and creators on this. You know, Too $hort has a new production going on and he purchased a huge building downtown and he hired a bunch of creators to go down there and create content. It’s called $hort TV and my project will more than likely be involved in his lineup on his platform. But, I’m also trying to sell it, because the other part of my dream is to put it on a major network like Food Network or the Travel Channel, but it could also work on a network like VH1 or ABC.

Can you tell us more about the work you were doing with Common? Yeah, so Malik Yusef is a frind of mine and he writes a lot of music, he’s a part of Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music and he contacted me because he has a song called Trouble In The Water, which is talking about the Flint Water Crisis. There are a lot of features on it, I believe Kanye has a verse on it, Common for sure. We are working with the Hip Hop Caucus and there is the Respect My Vote and the Trouble In The Water movement and they brought me in for that. It was really exciting and the song was good. I believe it will turn into something big, it will turn into a major movement. I believe the song drops in May and I’m glad I was a part of it.

Being from LA, did you watch Kobe’s final game last night? I DID, I DID. You know, for him, I’m just glad it’s over, because, in my heart, I’m so glad he scored 60 points and I’m so glad they won, because I don’t know or believe this is the way he envisioned his career ending. It seems like, and I didn’t notice this, but he has been getting a lot of hate in these past couple of years, which is why he brings up the villain thing, often. I feel for someone who has given so much to the sport and to have been the victim of so much hatred for the final leg of his career, I’m just happy it’s over and 20 is a good number to go out on, that’s great. Not a lot of people can say they accomplished that and to go out the way he did was a gift from some higher force.

Where can the people find you on social media and find out more about your projects? Instagram @TheRealKDAubert. Twitter is @TheRealKDAubert. My Facebook, I have two real ones. One is for my family and friends, both with my name and my fan page has me wearing a black hat. I say that because there are a few fake pages out there too, but those two are my real ones.

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