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HHV Exclusive: Lee Mazin talks Dreamchasers Records, Meek Mill, “In My Own Lane,” collaborations, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Lee Mazin talks Dreamchasers Records, Meek Mill, “In My Own Lane,” collaborations, and more

Lee MazinLast fall, Meek Mill announced Dreamchasers Records, his new record label. In less than a year, his company has fought more opposition than most ever see. But, even with all the loss, there is a lot to look forward to, especially in the case of Lee Mazin, the first lady of the label.

A Philadelphia native, Lee Mazin is fresh off the release of In My Own Lane, her star-studded mixtape. Lee Mazin featured the likes of Ace Hood, Freeway, Lil Snupe, Guordan, and Trina. This week, Lee Mazin leaked her “Me and My Girls” track, which features Trina.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to talk to the stunning Lee Mazin. She spoke about her role within Dreamchasers Records and working alongside Meek Mill. Lee Mazin also discussed In My Own Lane and the long list of collaborations she has on her new project.

Read the entire interview below:

Before being recruited by Meek Mill, you had a steady career, but what made you join Dreamchasers Records? We are both from the same city and he is one of the hottest new artists out in the past few years. People compared me to him, I knew him before the music, so teaming with him was only right.

Obviously, it hurts to lose someone who is so young and talented like Lil Snupe. Can you tell us what your relationship with him was like and what energy he brought to the label that will be missing? Lil Snupe was one of the best people to be around, especially when it came to the music. Everything about him was motivational and he was the youngest person in the camp. Losing him as all of us messed up, especially with him chasing his dream. He had a bright future that was cut short.

Last month, Sean Garrett revealed he would be working with Dreamchasers Records, how do you think his input will impact the label? His penmanship is crazy and he has brought a lot of good writers to the team. I can’t wait to see what he and everyone else brings to the label.

Clearly, Meek Mill is one of the biggest and most energetic rappers in the game. As someone who has a chance to work with him and watching him grow, how does it feel to know you have him in your corner? It’s great, Meek is a good person and he still has a strong work ethic. Meek Mill grinds like he doesn’t have a deal and being around him and the team is so motivational. He is a great person to have in the studio because he goes hard.

Did Meek Mill provide you with any advice for the In My Own Lane mixtape? Yeah, he told me to stay true to myself and be careful with the songs I choose because of my new platform being in the spotlight. This is my biggest project so far, so he told me to remain myself and have fun. If it stays fun, it is more of a career and less of a job and I had fun recording this project and I’m loving the feedback from it so far.

Is there a reason you chose to not have DJ Diamond Kuts host this mixtape and go no DJ? My first two projects, I had a DJ, but on this one I decided to do it like an EP or an album, so I didn’t think a DJ hosting would fit. I might choose that for my next project, but DJ Diamond Cuts did provide production on my tape, like she did my last two. She still was involved in the project, just not as the DJ hosting it.

On your prior two mixtapes, you had guest appearances, but not of the magnitude of In My Own Lane, why did you choose to add big names to this project? It just happened, it was the way it worked. I bumped into a lot of people and built relationships. We vibed and when we hit the studio and it was major. A lot of these collaborations came up right before the tape dropped, like a month ahead of time. There were a lot of people featured and I built personal relationships with those people. I feel those features are dope.

How do you feel about the “Me and My Girls” record with Trina and with her being a highly-successful veteran, do you draw inspiration from her in your own career? Yes! Trina, the first time I met her, she accepted me with open arms. We met in Philadelphia at a club show she was hosting. I introduced myself to her and she told me she already knew who I was and that she felt I was next up. Growing up watching her on MTV, it was crazy for her to say that and she then jumped on my record. Now, I have her in my corner and on my track, which is an them. Trina gave me so much advice on dos and don’ts and people to trust, I appreciate her working with me.

Ace Hood is currently buzzing right now and you got him on the mixtape as well, will you be working more with him in the future? I actually have a show with Ace Hood tonight in my city at TLA, he is headlining. We did the “Dreams Come True” tour and that was my first time being on the road with Meek. I like Ace Hood, he is very underrated and he has his platform to show people what he is doing. He is getting his shine right now and we’re going to kill it tonight, shout out to Ace Hood.

Can you give us your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so fans can follow you? Yes, my Twitter is @LeeMazin, Facebook is Lee Mazin, Instagram is @LeeMazin,, I have Lee Mazin Radio on Pandora, and be sure to grab In My Own Laneit’s right here on Hip Hop Vibe.

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