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HHV Exclusive: Mack Drama talks Power Talk Wednesdays and D-Block

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HHV Exclusive: Mack Drama talks Power Talk Wednesdays and D-Block

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

One of the fastest-rising executives in the industry is Mack Drama. Working with the popular camp, 1017 Brick Squad, Mack Drama heads his own label, Brick Sqaud Mafia. Over the past few years, Mack Drama has enjoyed a fast rise to success. Proving to be one of the more astute businessmen in the game, Mack Drama is giving business tips.

Those who know Mack Drama know he is full of insight on how to gain success. Many have advised him to jump into talk radio. But, when he was formally approached by a former associate, DJ 5X, Mack Drama jumped in. The result of this union is the new radio series, Power Talk Wednesdays.

Mack Drama recently spoke to Hip Hop Vibe, once again, about both his new radio show and his work with D-Block. Don Mega, the in-house D-Block producer, recently teamed up with Mack Drama and Brick Squad Mafia. During the conversation, Mack Drama spoke in-depth about this.

Read the entire interview below:

What is Power Talk Wednesdays? Basically, it is a two hour show divided into three segments. The first segment is power talk, with a behind the scenes power player in the industry, CEOs, managers, publicists, and branding managers. It is those people who help the artists get ahead in the game. I ask them questions to give independent artists the knowledge to get ahead.

The second segment is when I interview a popular rising artist in the game. Someone who is making noise, whether they are on a major label, or if they just have a major buzz. On the third segment, I talk to the independent artists, giving them a bit of exposure, playing one of their songs. The show is all about respect, helping people gain knowledge, and leaving people better off than they were before. DJ Junior of Brick Squad was interviewed, along with a Philadelphia rapper named Casper, who I am in the midst of signing.

My purpose of this show is to give knowlege and to network. It airs from 9 to 11 pm EST, it is a part of the Royal Thieves Network on Blog Talk Radio.

Who are some of the people who will be featured on the show? Today, I am interviewing Serena Duckworth, she is the CEO of SD Managing and Consulting. She is a manager and she is very connected. On the second segment, Tarvoria, of Brick Squad Monopoly, will also be interviewed. Also, I have four to five unknown artists on for the third segment, they will be shouted out on the show.

Why did you launch this show? Because I am out there, I am becoming a brand myself, it is what it is. Royal Thieves Network contacted me and told me that I should do a show, I am a good talker and I also do a lot of networking. The person who runs that network is DJ 5X.

Can you tell us about your new deal with D-Block? D-Block is a joint venture, mini-merger, between Brick Squad Mafia and the D-Block movement. Don Mega, an in-house D-Block producer, helped make it happen. We met in Las Vegas, talked, and we liked what we all had to offer, so the merger. Now, we call it D-Block 1017, 1017 D-Block. It is a bit of old school meets new school, they are the veterans, but we are the new wave, along with the likes of Coke Boys, Young Money, and many others. Both Don Mega and I are team players, we believe in doing teamwork to accomplish our goals. Now, we are working on a 31 city tour, headed by Don Mega, sort of like “American Idol,” and artists have the chance to land a record deal. The contracts are signed and right now, we are working on details to ensure things go well when we start moving.

So, Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch are not involved in this deal? They are representatives of D-Block, but Don Mega is the man in charge of our joint project. It’s like how I’m Brick Squad, but I’m not headed over Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame.

What do you envision out of this deal? Realistically, I envision this will give me a strong foothold in the industry. D-Block is well-respected with a proven track record. What I plan to get is the opportunity to do bigger and better things. I see bigger opportunities ahead and, of course, getting richer than I already am.

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