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HHV Exclusive: Messy Marv talks Reno altercation, Bay Area beef, and future projects

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HHV Exclusive: Messy Marv talks Reno altercation, Bay Area beef, and future projects

Messy Marv 2At the end of the summer, hip hop fans got some disturbing news from the Bay Area when a photo hit the internet of Messy Marv beaten to a bloody pulp. There was no word on what happened, but things did not look good for Messy Marv. The people responsible for the beating also took over his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Messy Marv regained his accounts and he soon broke his silence on the situation. It was almost immediately when Messy Marv ended up beefing with Philthy Rich, a former collaborator. The situation went from bad to worse and soon Kafani, a good friend of Messy Marv’s, was shot at his video shoot.

Hip Hop Vibe reported these original stories, but decided to get firsthand information and reached out to Messy Marv. Very open and honest, Messy Marv spoke on the situation in Reno, his beefs with Too $hort, Philthy Rich, and Mistah F.A.B. He also talked about his other Bay Area ties and his upcoming work.

Read the entire interview below:

Let’s address the elephant in the room here, can you tell us what led to the situation in Reno? You know what? I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I was just targeted because of the ice, my jewelry. I had a tour and that was the first date on my tour, I showed up, the club got shot up before I got a chance to do my thing.

Around the same time, I’m sixteen floors up in the hotel when I get confronted, robbed, and beaten half to death In my hotel room. The photo and video is now on every national media outlet in the world.

The situation was not about me doing any stupid shit, because I was at a family-oriented hotel and I was there to perform. Anyone in their right mind wouldn’t do any stupid shit like that. So, I have to think it’s my celebrity status and also wearing the jewelry.

I thought I was safe because of the hotel I was in, it was family oriented. The hotel knew I was coming because the concert promoters promoted it throughout the streets of Reno.

How, I don’t know, it just happened. I fault the Circus Circus.

More importantly, are you alright and have you tightened your security in the time since then? I’m definitely healing and it’s a slower process when you’re dealing with a head injury. I had to move from where I was because of the situation at hand. The video circulated the internet and I ended up leaving the state of Georgia, in the process of going back and forth to the hospital getting medicine to heal.

But, when it comes to the security, I blame the staff at the circus circus because my team was tight, meaning nothing like this has ever happened to me like this before. Opportunity presented itself at the Circus Circus in Reno because their security was not on their job and that’s how I feel. Physically and mentally, I’m getting there, I’m getting my pigmentation back, this is a healing and learning process, it is going to take some time.

I say learning process because I have to move differently now when I travel and check into hotels. Got to have a different way of thinking, nobody’s safe anywhere nowadays (laughs). I don’t know, but I do know when I woke up, I was at the Circus Circus hotel in reno and calling downstairs to get an abulance and nobody would help me. I had to get on the elevator myself, go sixteen floors down, walk pass the front desk and exit the hotel, and then catch a cab all with no help.

All blame goes to the Circus Circus in Reno. But, here on out, I have a new way of thinking when it comes to traveling.

It seems like it went from this situation to the Bay Area beef, do you feel as if it is connected? You know what happened? A local rapper with no credibility used the Channel 4 news statement to make it seem like I was snitching and then the whole Bay Area beef blew up. The same nigga who used me and my credibility to get into the game turned on me. He started to branch out and do different things with different people to build his credibility and he used this opportunity to diss me.

But, he definitely ain’t beat me in record sales, he has bout 25 albums and has barely sold 60,000 copies with songs from artist in the industry and barely has any sales. This dude is lemon man and he doesn’t move units, and I have more than gold-selling status out here. he started this beef to create buzz, but it didn’t do anything but get my homeboy, Kafani, shot. Some homosexual pictures came out about him and people turned their back on him.

I’m not gay, but I supported Kafani because his homosexuality has nothing to do with people supporting someone in need. All this beef did was almost kill my homeboy, and him getting buzz off it. Then, he dropped this random garbage ass tape targeting me, I’m not even responding to this nigga. I was going to respond to him, but my manager told me it was a waste of time, take out and Fanta soda. He did his original diss and I responded and that’s the end of it for me.

I gave the fans what they needed to hear from me and that was that. Now, I’m out here doing these interviews, fuck this rap beef, the people need to hear this from me. But, the Channel 4 news statement came from some lawyer with no connection to me, but he took that and created this big ass, fake ass, shit.

At one point, you and Philthy Rich had appeared on some of the same songs, what caused your beef with him? The man said I was a snitch. I don’t even say this dude’s name in interviews, he’s a clown bruh. I don’t respect him for having money, niggas make money, money don’t make niggas. I don’t respect any of that shit, but he called me a snitch after that Reno shit. It had to stop right there.

Back in September, we interviewed Mistah F.A.B. and he seemed pretty peaceful, what led to your beef with him? Let me tell you something about F.A.B. He will be pretty peaceful when it comes to the cameras, I’ve known him since before he even got on. He was presented on one of my soundtracks and then people began to get a grasp of who and what he is. I know he appeared on two of my soundtracks before he was popping.

He gets around people and he’s very influential, but me and him had no problem until he told people I stole some dude’s studio. Then, he started saying I don’t mean any good because I’m not giving back to the community like him, but I’m the one who put him on. Then, he goes in front of the media and plays the nice guy, but takes shots behind the scenes. me and him got on the phone on one occasion and he lied about something that I didn’t respect. It was a bit of a setup and I didn’t fuck with it.

That same conversation, me and Too $hort got on the phone and it was the same situation, a lightweight setup. they were around some other people who influenced them to do that. F.A.B. took a shot, Short took a shot, but I’m the ghetto Mike Epps, I’ll snap on a nigga. I capped on F.A.B. on Twitter and then he started mentioning my family and it was all because I was getting at him. But, he claims to be an activist telling the kids to go to school, but he raps about shooting and all other types of shit.

Then, when I made a comment about his big headed daughter, people got mad at me, but he took a shot at my kid and fam a week or two before I fired back. people look at it like F.A.B. and Short can’t do no wrong. I did shit in the streets, so it means I can’t be cool with everybody like them. When you beef with somebody whose cool with everybody, a lot of people get mad at you. They fake when the cameras are on, but they do shit behind the scenes that make people confront them.

They ain’t no different than anybody else. F.A.B. and Too Short be online lying all the time talking about who is for the community and throwing the shit in everybody face. Too Short even went as far as doing an interview with vlad tv to lie and said I threatened to kill him. All they try to do is make it look like other people ain’t shit and it got the whole industry involved, they lightweight blackballed me in the industry.

I could keep going on about this, but I’ll move on because neither of them will admit it, so they are going to keep doing what they’re doing.

Only a month after your situation in Reno, Kafani got shot, do you think there is a connection between the incidents or that the pictures that surfaced had something to do with it? I don’t know man. But, Kafani is doing real good, he’s doing better than what he was doing thirty days ago. I’m not sure if the pictures had anything to do with it. I wasn’t out there at the time.

All negativity aside, you are a legend out here, when can we expect some new music from you? Next year, it’s dropping. But, I recently started a YouTube page to upload my music. I thank all the people who were uploaded my music online with pictures. But, now I’m getting ready to drop some music videos, I’ve only had three videos out all-time. I got a new album coming and it’s going to be epic. I hired a new designer to help me with my clothing line, 100 Planes, and we’ll be going real strong next year. We recently got a distribution deal, both physically and digitally to create avenues for both myself and the youngsters in the streets trying to make it.

Over the summer, we had the chance to talk to Blanco and he spoke about his work with you, do you see yourself getting back in the studio with him? Off top, me Blanco, and Jack got the Jonestown 2 project coming in February and it’s too dope. I’d definitely love to work with him again, it’s all love.

Going into 2014, what can fans expect from Messy Marv in terms of music? Man, to tell you to truth, there’s no man in the world with more albums than me, I got seventy albums out. Without that deal, a lot of people wouldn’t be in the position they’re in. But, expect me to be more consistent than I’ve been, because I was sidelined this year. I have a lot to overcome with Keyshia Cole not reaching back to me when I put her on at first. E-40 not reaching back when I was going to give him my first album before my major release. Too $hort not reaching back when he needed me to get a million dollar deal and I gave him my whole catalogue and then he went and did that foul shit, same for F.A.B. after I put him on.

Where can we find you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? Everything is @Lilpaperdupmess.

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