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HHV Exclusive: Moe talks All-Star weekend, New Orleans hip hop, and new music

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HHV Exclusive: Moe talks All-Star weekend, New Orleans hip hop, and new music

MoeBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Early every year, there are a lot of events that seem to draw the hip hop community in. In February, it is the NBA All-Star Game and New Orleans is hosting the talent this year. All the biggest NBA stars will be in town, as will the biggest names in hip hop.

This is a prime opportunity for newcomers to get themselves established in the industry. Moe is one of the up-and-coming New Orleans rappers and he dropped four projects last year. With his city being home to the biggest weekend of the NBA season, Moe will definitely be in action.

Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to talk to Moe and he talked about the upcoming NBA events. Moe even revealed he used to play basketball when he was younger and talked about the New Orleans Pelicans’ current season. As the interview went on, Moe spoke on New Orleans hip hop, and also about his upcoming EP.

Read the entire interview:

All eyes are on New Orleans for All-Star weekend, what will you be doing this weekend? I might go to the Jazz session, I used to play basketball, so I might try to see if I still got it. There is also a studio session going down, so I will be both working and playing.

How do you feel about the New Orleans Pelicans this season? I expected a little bit more with the talent they brought in. But, I guess this is a work in progress with them.

When people think of New Orleans, they mostly only think of guys like Lil Wayne, but what else should people think of? The New Orleans hip hop scene? Moe. They should be thinking about Moe’s music.

Where would you rank yourself among the current New Orleans hip hop scene? I don’t really feel like I’ve done anything yet, so I wouldn’t rank myself. That would be sort of weird, so I let the other people rank me.

Last year, you put out four mixtapes, do you have a certain number of tapes you try to put out per year, or do you let it happen naturally? No, that just happened naturally. I was recording so much and had so much material, I put it out. I recorded a lot and that’s how it happened.

What are you working on this year, in terms of new music? I am working on an EP right now, but I haven’t decided a title yet. I want to do another project with all-original music, so that’s coming up next.

Can you let us know how to find you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Twitter @Dussume,  [email protected], and Facebook, I don’t have one.

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