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HHV Exclusive: Nasty Mane talks “K.U.S.H.,” “Pop A Molly” with Juicy J, DJ Scream, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Nasty Mane talks “K.U.S.H.,” “Pop A Molly” with Juicy J, DJ Scream, and more

Nasty ManeThe focus is shifting back to the Memphis hip hop scene and one reason for this is the unity and the support. A rising Memphis emcee is Nasty Mane, who has the support of both Project Pat and Juicy J. In addition to Project Pat appearing on K.U.S.H.he did a joint mixtape with Nasty Mane, Belly on Full 2.

Nasty Mane dropped K.U.S.H., which is hosted by DJ Scream, back in April. One of the notable songs off the project is “Pop A Molly,” which features Juicy J. Boasting the support of the legends has made Nasty Mane into one of the hottest rising rappers in the game.

Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to talk to Nasty Mane and he talked about all that is new in his world. K.U.S.H. is a couple of months old, but Nasty Mane recapped the project for those who have not checked it out. Nasty Mane also talked about “Pop A Molly” with Juicy J and working with DJ Scream, along with much more.

Read the entire interview below:

Being a Memphis artist, how does it feel to have the support of Project Pat and Juicy J? Man, it feels good. Those are OGs, legends. It means a lot when someone on that caliber respects what you’re doing.

When did you and Project Pat begin working together and did you have any idea it would become this big? We started working together two years ago, maybe three. But, we have been working closely over the past year, after being a hypeman the first two years. So, we did Belly on Full, which was a successful mixtape, and then we dropped the sequel as an album, and the third edition is due later this year with a lot of features. It took off man and it is all a blessing, I never thought it would get the response that it did, people just love it and I cannot be happier.

It has been a couple months, but can you tell us what inspired K.U.S.H.Really, K.U.S.H., here is the thing… I am the type of person who does not look at ordinary things. I took kush away from weed and made it into an acronym.

K.U.S.H. is an acronym for Knowledgeable, Underestimated, Survivalist, and Humble, why did you choose those words to name your project? People try to down you because you smoke weed, but in my case, I am a good person who is knowledgeable, underestimated, a survivalist, and humble. I am a college student and this is the life I am living and I’m taking care of business.

You featured a lot of Memphis’ talented hip hop scene on the mixtape, how do you feel about the new interest in your city’s hip hop scene? Man, I think we are in a rebuilding stage. Memphis artists are starting to connect with each other after years of being separated from each other. Now, the whole scene is coming together, regardless of it being a South Memphis artist working with a North Memphis artist, for an example. Old street shit held stuff back and now this is the “New Memphis” where all the artists are connecting and it is still evolving into the industry here, which is still forming. The next stage is us getting the industry here and establishing the platform. There are a lot of diverse sounds from Memphis, this city is very musical. It may take some years, but the Memphis scene is coming along, it is a work in progress.

Juicy J is leading the pack right now and you featured him on the “Pop A Molly” track, are you pleased with the success of the song? Yeah man. That song got a good response and we are getting ready to shoot the video for that track and getting the marketing right for it. But, I have a lot going on, working on K.U.S.H. 2 and I am dropping a mixtape with DJ Smallz with my group, Frat, so there is a lot going on. Then, Juicy J just got off the Stay Trippy tour, but we are connecting it all to bring this song to life. Once the scheduling is straight, we will shoot a video and do more promotion behind it. This is one of those summer time party records.

Does it ever take you back to see how Juicy J’s work paid off all at once and do you envision similar success for yourself? Man, I’ll tell you something about Juicy. Sometimes, I’ll be on stage with him and zone out when I see him doing his thing. Juicy J is a real businessman, his passion for the music is so strong, you just have to love what he is doing. I did an interview with DJ Scream and I said he will be here for as long as he wants because the work ethic is so strong. He changed up his style during one of his performances and he stopped rapping and did some scratches for his DJ. Now, he is handling some of everything, he is forever working, he can come right back out with some more bangers. In the case of me, I am a newer artist and I am trying to still amass fans and I plan on being a legend myself on the music aspect. There is a lot I want to do that I haven’t done yet that I want to do.

When it comes to the mixtapes, DJ Scream is the hottest guy out there for a host, but can you tell us why you chose to use him? I chose Scream because he’s family. Whatever he needs, I’m here to give it to him. I believe in karma and Scream is such a good dude, I cannot express it enough. When it comes to this rap business, it is so bougie and a lot of these dudes act like girls, But, Scream is so 100. He is a regular dude in spite of all of it and he is one of the hottest DJs out, he picks up when you call and he acknowledges you when he sees you. His karma is good, it’s great that he is putting out good to reap good. He is giving blessings, so he is receiving blessings. I am going to have him, DJ Smallz and Trap-A-Holics, they are all good people and I will tell anyone that DJ Scream is the guy to speak to to get their music out there, he does mixtapes, radio, and he is with Maybach Music, he is a real good dude.

Do you also have a personal relationship with him, or was this just business? Yeah man. I mean family in the sense of him being my guy. DJ Scream is like a play cousin to me, our relationship is business, but it developed into friendship. Anything he needs from anyone in my circle, I will make it happen. We have schedules to abide by, but we stop all of that for DJ Scream because he is such a good dude, that’s our guy.

Alright, as we check out of here, can you leave us with your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? My Instagram is @NastyMane, my Twitter is @NastyMane901, and my Facebook is Corporate Mob, check out for me there, I have a lot of new stuff coming, my director just gave me some finished videos I plan to drop and just keep watching, I’m going to be here. and K.U.S.H. is here with K.U.S.H. II is coming with a lot of big changes. The first tape had a lot of Memphis on it, but this one will have a lot of other features on it. For booking and shows, 901-428-8745.

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