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HHV Exclusive: Phil Da Phuture talks Raheem DeVaughn, recording process, new project, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Phil Da Phuture talks Raheem DeVaughn, recording process, new project, and more

Phil Da PhutureBy K.B. Tindal and Agustin A. Iglesias
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writers

As a mainstay on Raheem DeVaughn’s 368 Music Group label Phil Da Phuture aka Mr. You Know Me. Yet another representative of the DMV movement, Phil Da Phuture is rising to stardom. Along with his teammates DroBoiz, Phil made a nice buzz for himself when he jacked A$AP Rocky’s “Peso” track and slaughtered it.

His mixtape, Louder Than You, spawned some mediocre successful songs like “I’m So Loud” and ”More Bags.” Patiently waiting in the wings for his turn to shine, Phil Da Phuture is poised to take over not just the rap game, but the entertainment game as a whole. He has backing from Raheem DeVaughn and Andre.

He often compares himself to Nicki Minaj, so if his dreams come true he will be running the entertainment world just like Ms. Minaj herself. On behalf of Hip Hop Vibe, we dat down with Phil Da Phuture. Definitely living up to his name, he walked us through his label situation, his recording process, previewed a new project, and more.

Read the entire interview below:

What would you say one of the things that Dre & Raheem has instilled in you about this industry that you feel like will carry you through? One major thing that I think they instilled in me is you see how Raheem was a major artist and Dre been working with Raheem and other major artists as well and he was in the field throwing parties as an event planner so when we got in to the music, people start calling for us. They want us to host or want us to come perform and we got in the business aspect of it, signing contracts. A lot of people come at us and they they want it for free cause they know us, so they really taught me how to build my brand.

Who were some of the artist that you studied and why did you study those particular artists? Coming up, one of my favorite artists was Devin the Dude but I also listened to everybody Biggie, Pac and the down South culture like UGK. They were people who really inspired like me. I wasn’t on one thing. I was a fan of everybody on the West coast, New York when Bad Boy was doing their thing Death Row all that, Cash Money, the old Cash Money when Wayne was Wayne back in the day. That’s what I was raised on, even Scarface. Those are the people I looked up to.

Is there anything from this era that you are going to remember, do you feel that way about any artist and are you trying to be one of those artist who are talked about 10 years from now? Definitely. I want to leave an everlasting impression on people with my music with just me, my personality, and anything I’m doing to further myself and my brand. I feel like the music I make is timeless. Pretty much you can always go back to my music and feel it. Ten years from now you’re going to feel “Dope Moves.” You’re going to feel the beat or something like “damn that was the shit back then.”

Is there a fine line between what you do as far as being a fan and what you do as an artist that defines what you do? That depends on the person. I’m a fan of many people but I know people that are fans that would go to a different extent than me. I guess it was the way I was raised. If I’m a fan of somebody I’m not going to cry or do wild stuff. I’m not star struck. I understand the man I’m a fan of is just like me. I would never put any one on a pedestal and even though I’m an artist now, I feel the same way, nothing changed. If I’m a fan of you I’m definitely gonna holla at you. When I saw Game, I went up to him and said I fuck with you. I didn’t try to get an autograph or picture I just let him know when you in my city this who I am and I fuck with you.

What is the most important lesson your father has taught you about this industry and music? Just to be yourself. Express your feelings like yourself so If I’m feeling a certain type of way and I want to write about something, I’m going to do me I’m a make you feel me whatever I say or come across is me so one lesson he taught me was do you and be yourself and he taught me loyalty.

What’s your process when you record and what do you feel are some of your expressive songs on your last project? My recording process is pretty simple, I set up four days to record out the week. I might go six days out of the week if the atmosphere is fine with some food, some weed, and just stuff to get me in my zone. As long as you got the beat it’s pretty much an easy process for me recording wise and I need some weed and the most expressive song on my tape is “Stupid Dope Moves,” “Mistress,” “Get Back,” and “Get Bank”.

Any plans on dropping an album soon? Since I finished Louder Than You, I’ve been working on another one it’s going to be all original. I don’t have a name for it yet and after that I got my squad, The DroBoiz, and we are definitely putting a compilation together.

If you can name one person who gave a jewel in life that you still live by today who would that person be and what was the jewel that they gave you? I would say my mother, she always used to tell me shoot for the moon because if you miss you’ll be among the stars and remember that she doesn’t know this lifestyle, the music and having parties, so she’s new to all this and she was so excited and happy. I can see the joy in her face and she told me to stay humble and don’t get side tracked.

If you had to leave the planet earth today what would be the one thing you would leave behind so that the world could remember you as a person & remember your musical legacy? My music. That way years down the line my music will always be around. That would be a strong point to remember me by, my music.

If there was one person or an artist that made you want to become an artist who would that person or artist be? I would say myself to be honest.

These are Shout Outz where I’ll ask a quick group of questions and you give me the first thing that comes to your mind.

What’s your favorite food? Sea food.

What’s your favorite drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Patron.

Who’s your favorite sports figure dead or alive? Jordan.

What’s your favorite movie? The Goonies.

What’s your favorite place to visit? Jamacia.

What’s your favorite car? S550.

What’s your favorite fashion brand? Ralph Lauren.

What’s your most memorable moment in music past or present? When I heard “Stupid Dope Moves” on the radio.

What’s your ultimate goal and what do you have coming up? I want to take this music serious and just take it to the next level and go as far as I can. I want to able to go to a concert that is sold out. I was watching Nicki Minaj on that documentary on VH1. I want that. She came from nothing but I remember when she was nobody now this bitch has perfumes and she’s running shit like I would love to be in her position right now. I think I can do what she does. Nicki Minaj is a good person because she can act. She’ll change up her voice. She’s an all around person. That’s how I am too. If you want me to go I act I’ll go act for you because I’m in to that, fashion the whole entertainment shit she a person that I think I’m like.

Where can the people find you? My Twitter is @daPhuture.

Watch “Get Bank” by Phil Da Phuture below:

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