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HHV Exclusive: Project Pat talks current state of hip hop, “Cheez N Dope 2” with DJ Scream, and Memphis hip hop

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HHV Exclusive: Project Pat talks current state of hip hop, “Cheez N Dope 2” with DJ Scream, and Memphis hip hop

Project Pat 2With Memphis taking the rap game back over, it was only right for Project Pat to be somewhere in the mix. In the midst of mainstream success from Juicy J and K. Michelle, Project Pat has continued holding the streets down. Project Pat just dropped his latest mixtapeCheez N Dope 2, with DJ Scream.

Project Pat is a continued force in the game and he worked with plenty of major names, both on the Memphis scene and in the game. Nasty Mane makes an appearance on the record, as does Taylor Gang’s Wiz Khalifa and Chevy Woods. The mixtape did pretty well, in terms of downloads.

Hip Hop Vibe finally had the chance to talk to Project Pat after some scheduling changes. In the interview, Project Pat gave his opinion on the state of hip hop and much more. Project Pat talked to Hip Hop Vibe about the new era of hip hop, working with DJ Scream, and his take on Memphis.

Read the entire interview below:

There are a lot of people who say hip hop is going through another golden era, do you agree with these statements? Really, I think, me personally, I think it’s going back to way it used to be. It has taken a turn and it’s good right now, the position is good. A lot of times, even with R&B singers, being creative is pretty hard. But, I think everybody is doing a good job right now.

One thing about the current landscape of hip hop is that there is something for everyone, do you credit the internet for making that possible? Well, yeah, because everybody can be heard now. The internet is the best thing going.

What element do you believe you bring to the game with your music and why do you believe it has made you so popular? I talk about the street stuff and it’s really about what the fans like. But, my stuff isn’t just about the streets, I’m telling my real story and I do it over rap. Of course, I put my slang on it and they like it man. In rap it’s all about your swag nowadays, even though it’s still all about the music.

The relationship between you and DJ Scream obviously goes beyond business and into personal, how does that carry over into your working chemistry? Oh man. Scream is a good guy, one of the best. He is always all about business, he always keeps it real, and he always looks out. You need people around you who provide real love, he is a DJ in the streets and he knows about the music. He keeps it real and if an artist is coming out with a new project, listen to Scream, and he will let you know if it’s good or not. DJ Scream rides for a team, as he is supposed to, but he keeps it real. Hoodrich Radio, I fucks with Scream. This is one of the guys in the game who has a real passion for what he does and he keeps it 100 when it comes to the music. He is real on both sides, he has a heart for this music shit, just like Juicy J. That’s what you need, guys who have their heart and soul in the music. That’s what makes it better.

Could you have seen yourself doing Cheez N Dope 2 with any other DJ aside from DJ Scream? I’ll tell you like this, on some real business. I did the first one with Scream, I did 2 with Scream, and I’ll do 3 with Scream. But, I got Belly on Full 4 coming and that’s going to be with DJ Smallz and DJ Infamous. I will work with whoever, but Cheez N Dope is my series with DJ Scream and I plan on doing at least six of those in a series and out of those six, I will start another series. If they keep asking me for it, I will do seven and Scream will be the host of it, unless he tells me he is retiring. He is making his way through the game right now and if he pulls in 10 or 20 million, he might say “I’m good” (laughs). But, if I can’t get Scream for another one, I’ll just do a no-DJ.

What was it like working with Taylor Gang and why do you feel they were a good fit for the mixtape? Man, I’m going to put Taylor Gang on my next tape too, Belly on Full 3, with Nasty Mane. Berner is going to be on that, but on Cheez N Dope 2, I decided to throw Wiz and Chevy on the tape. I wanted to have Berner on this one, but I ran out of time. He will be on the next one though, but I ride with those guys. Taylor Gang! They get first dibs always.

Speaking of Taylor Gang, how do you feel about Juicy J’s growth and do you like his new album, Stay Trippy? I love it man. Juicy’s album is number one on iTunes after a week and it is still climbing the charts. He is doing so good right now, he’s blessed. He’s getting money, keeping God first, and staying focused. Juicy J always had the vision, the focus, and the passion for the music and that’s going back to the days of Hypnotized Minds, he always loved the music. He is a producer first, he didn’t even want to be a rapper and he has a lot of stuff going on, he is working with Miley Cyrus and a bunch of other people. You’re not touching Juice man, he goes in when he goes in. At our management company, he probably get 1,000 calls a day for shows and that’s just off Juicy J.

Overall, this is a good period for Memphis hip hop, how do you feel about the hip hop world paying more attention to your city again? The thing with the city was, Memphis was like a power in the industry. We came out strong around the same time Houston and New Orleans came out. But, we did some homework on the music game, took some time off, and now we came back up. I salute everyone to the max out here because they are doing it right out there.

Back in July, we talked to Nasty Mane and he said Memphis is good, but they need someone willing to develop the artists here in the city, as opposed to going to Atlanta, do you agree with those sentiments? Well, first and foremost, I think a person has to do it on their own. Memphis doesn’t need someone to put them on, they need to go ahead and do it, this is a city full of bosses and I mean that. I think bosses can do it on their own and we don’t need anyone to come through and do anything. The old saying goes, there ain’t nothing to it but to do it. Look at Three 6 Mafia and how that came together and now it’s a team full of millionaires. If they can do it, anyone can. Nasty Mane is my guy though and he is fresh off the release of his new mixtape and we are working on Belly on Full 4. He is a very diverse artist and he is good at making songs for the ladies that will pop up on MTV and stuff. Our mixtape is going to bang and we are working on a clothing line together

Where can we connect with you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter? On Instagram is Money5000 on Twitter is @ProjectPatHcp, and the Facebook is Project Pat.

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