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HHV Exclusive: Quilly talks “Quilly 2,” veteran support, and more

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HHV Exclusive: Quilly talks “Quilly 2,” veteran support, and more

QuillyBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Artists from all over the place are finding ways to get their music heard on a big platform. Among the guys in Philadelphia doing this is Quilly and he has the whole city rocking with him. Big as one of the newer artists, Quilly has received guidance from many of the older artists.

Quilly began the year of 2015 with the release of Quilly 2, a major mixtape release for him. Since then, Quilly has worked on all kinds of new music that should drop this summer. His focus is on getting a big single out for the world.

Recently, Quilly spoke to Hip Hop Vibe about his music in 2015. Working on a lot of new material, Quilly has a lot to discuss. During the interview, he also spoke about the love he receives on the Philadelphia hip hop scene.

Read the entire interview below:

You released Quilly 2 back in January, do you like the overall reaction that mixtape got? Yeah. That joint went crazy, I put a lot of singles on that tape. I really treated it more like an album.

What is the crowd reaction to the tracks off that project like when you perform live? I ain’t gonna lie, the reaction to that, they weren’t used to me doing industry songs like that. But, it wasn’t like when I dropped the music with the usual Quilly sound.

When you say the usual Quilly sound, can you describe that to the audience? Oh man, you’re getting Philadelphia, you’re getting East Coast, you’re getting pain, you’re getting wave, you’re getting culture, and you’re getting fashion and you’re still getting the personal stuff from me. But, on mid-tempo beats.

Do you feel any pressure coming from a city with so many legends who have come before you? Yeah. The pressure is good, it makes you want to work harder, instead of getting past. The pressure is good and Philly is moving real strong right now.

You have tracks out with many veterans such as Young Chris, what type of advice do these guys give you? You know. They tell me to remain the same, plus my engineer keeps the sound my core fan base likes and what helped me get recoginzed. To stay Quilly, keep the same team, do it the same, but still growing and being current.

Currently, you’re in the studio, can you tell us what you’re working on? Right now, I dropped Quilly 2 and I have three mixtapes in five months. Now, I’m working on singles, I say it plural, because we’re loading the clip right now. We’re recording, we’re making records.

Where can the fans go to find you online? Quillyreal1 Snapchat, Instagram @DaRealQuilly, Twitter @TheRealQuilly, Soundcloud DaRealQuilly, I always keep the Soundcloud with new shit, so that’s a great way to hear my new stuff. Download that OnDek app it’s on iPhone and Andriods. Everything Quilly is up there and you can also find me on Facebook. I just made a Pinterest, seriously, I’m trying to touch everything, I’m QuillyQuilly3 on Pinterest.

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