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HHV Exclusive: SKYXXX talks being from Florida, his interesting writing process, and gives no filter advice up-and-coming artists

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HHV Exclusive: SKYXXX talks being from Florida, his interesting writing process, and gives no filter advice up-and-coming artists

By Lauren Hood Staff Writer

Hailing from Orlando, rapper SKYXXX plans to shake up the industry with his eclectic edge and driven demeanor. With the release of his newest single entitled “Madhouse,” SKYXXX has certainly grabbed the attention of listeners, worldwide, with his mastery of vivid rhymes and limitless sound. The young rapper is on the verge of greatness and he is making noise.

SKYXXX has released a few songs, which have gone viral. This attention has led to a lot of hype for SKYXXX to drop a project, his new EP. While the EP is forthcoming, the “Madhouse” music video premiered earlier this afternoon, to much fanfare.

Recently, HHV caught up with SKYXXX to discuss his Florida roots, the source of his vibe-changing confidence, the interesting route he took to create “Madhouse”, and his upcoming EP.

Read the entire interview below:

Due to your music, talent, and accomplishments there’s more than enough room for people to make assumptions about who you are. Straight from the horse’s mouth, who is SKYXXX? SKYXXX’s just a guy doing all he can to be better than he was before. I’m no different from anyone else. With everything going on I try to fit hiking and other things I haven’t done in a while into my schedule to clear my head. I always start my day thinking about how I can become better. That’s the ultimate goal for me.

Being from Orlando you grew up around various cultures, sounds, and aesthetics. In your interview with DJ MK on 104.5 you stated something pretty bold – “Orlando only breeds masters.” Can you break that statement down for me? Before I say anything I’m going to make this clear – I wasn’t saying Orlando’s the only place to create great people. Greatness is everywhere, so you’re either going to become a failure or the best at what you do. Say you like dancing; you’re bound to become a master at it. Why? As a creative you’re forced to create. The network and pace of life aren’t what they’d be if you were located in Los Angeles or Atlanta.

You have a strong sense of self that prevents you from thinking you’re in competition with anyone else because you’re just that dope. For upcoming artists or creatives who aren’t at that level yet, what advice do you have? Don’t be afraid. Ever. Build a catalogue, grind, and don’t make crazy moves without doing the work first. I’ve been busting my ass recording and performing for seven or eight years now and perfected my craft – that’s my confidence. Once you find your creative zone and decide that’s all you wanna do, work. No one’s going to put in work or hustle if you don’t already have that for what you’re pushin’.

Period! If you end up coming across this interview take notes! This is straight up game! Tell me about your single “Madhouse” now This is a very unique record. What was the process and will this wicked, trippy SKYXXX be on your upcoming EP? The process was getting deep in my own vibe and temporarily forgetting about the industry, opinions, and having the perfect song. I wanted to drown in myself. The EP goes from “Madhouse” then speeds up with each song, but it’s real bass heavy from beginning to end. The eight songs on this project will definitely take you on a journey through my mind. It’s the real me.

Is there a set date for the EP’s release? I know you’ve said summer, but the people are hungry! *laughs* Towards the end of July’s the game plan right now.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. It was great having you! You’re going to have to come back once the project drops.

No, thank you – and I’m down.

Watch “Madhouse” by SKYXXX below:

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