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HHV Exclusive: Young Dro talks “High Times,” story behind “FDB” single, and Hustle Gang label situation

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HHV Exclusive: Young Dro talks “High Times,” story behind “FDB” single, and Hustle Gang label situation

Young Dro 4This year has been an interesting one, to say the least, where Grand Hustle Records and Hustle Gang are concerned. Even with this being a transitional year, Young Dro had a strong year, which resulted in the release of his new album. Young Dro released his High Times album this year.

Early this year, Young Dro released his “FDB” single, which has become an anthem over the past few months. Until the “FDB” release, Young Dro was probably best-known for his “Shoulder Lean” single with T.I. In the years since then, Young Dro has kept his appearances up and delivered mixtapes.

Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to catch up with Young Dro this evening. He talked about the High Times album and he gave the audience plenty of reasons to check it out if they haven’t already. Young Dro gave a hilarious narrative of the “FDB” single and he explained the Grand Hustle/Hustle Gang label situation.

Read the entire interview below:

For those who do not already own High Times, can tell them what they are missing out on? They are missing out on flavor, sauce, Ralph Lauren, the ghetto, and a nice looking young man from Bankhead. If you like lyrics that come from a young, black, man’s mouth, you’re missing out. If you are looking for somebody to relate to, you’re missing out.

Spodee makes three appearances on the album, are you closer with him than the other members of the crew? Nah, not really. I’m closer to Tip than anybody from Grand Hustle, P$C, and Hustle Gang. I was around Spodee’s age when I joined T.I. with the label, so we relate to each other and I see a lot of myself in him. We gravitate to each other when it comes to the lyrics and he is a lot like me, which is why he fits on this project.

How would you compare this album to your previous LP, Best Thang Smokin’? There is no comparison. That’s two different times in my life. I was poor when I did my debut album and now I’m well-seasoned in the industry, so that means a lot. Those two albums have few similarities. On that album, I was trying to get to where I’m at now, but it’s the same guy from the first album that’s here now.

Even with your mixtape presence, a lot of people have associated you with the “Shoulder Lean” single, but “FDB” may have changed that this year, why do you think this single has been so successful? It’s been so successful because it’s a common phrase people use for various reasons. When it comes to different circumstances when someone is done wrong, they go “FDB” and nobody put it on wax before Young Dro. This track here will be around for a long time.

“FDB” is an anthem, especially for guys in tough relationships with their women, what made you go this route for your single? First of all, my second baby mama, I really can’t stand that bitch. But, what made me go this route, I’ll keep it real, but it’s an ear-catcher for those who want to sleep on Dro. A lot of people want to sleep on my abilities, but I am musically-inclined and I’m still here. So, this “FDB” single is me saying if you don’t like me, this song is for you, and if you do like it, sing along. I just had to work my mojo.

Recently, a woman from your past replied to “FDB” and said some pretty nasty things about you, do you want to say anything to clear the air about what she said? I personally don’t give a damn what she said. Fuck that bitch.

For the first time, Grand Hustle is no longer a part of Atlantic Records, what is it like to now be a part of an independent company? Well, actually, Hustle Gang is in a deal with Epic, so shout out to L.A. Reid for making that happen. It’s a broad deal and Tip and I are still are on Atlantic Records. But, the Hustle Gang collective is on Epic Records. Grand Hustle Records is still a label with Atlantic Records, but the Hustle Gang group is now with Epic Records.

eOne Music had a hand in the release of High Times, do you believe this could be the future home for the entire Hustle Gang imprint? Yeah, I’m real close with Alan. He’s like a family member to me. This could be a home for Dro if it’s successful. But, I wouldn’t say it is, and I wouldn’t say it isn’t. But, I’m still a part of Atlantic Records and I thank eOne for taking this chance.

Where can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Okay cool. Find me on Facebook at Dro Polo. Then, @DroPolo on Twitter and Instagram.

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