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Illboyz episodes 11 and 12 to premiere on Hip Hop Vibe today

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Illboyz episodes 11 and 12 to premiere on Hip Hop Vibe today

By The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For nearly six months, Illboyz content has appeared on Hip Hop Vibe. Over these months, viewers have had the chance to see some of their favorite artists in rare form. Based out of Germany, Illboyz provides an opportunity not frequently afforded, as fans have a chance to see their favorite artists perform in Germany and see other exclusive content.

Illboyz, though, is not all about the popular artists from the United States. In the previous episode, fans had a chance to meet Phrequincy. Illboyz’ founder, Kevin Anahid, is a personal friend of Phrequincy, a popular producer. Together, the two are working to introduce the urban entertainment scene in Germany to the world.

The project with Phrequincy is ongoing, but the episodes of Illboyz will feature several different people. The next two episodes of Illboyz will feature exclusive footage from Beatnuts and Masta Ace. Illboyz have continued making a name for themselves and work has already started on episode thirteen as eleven and twelve will premiere today.

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