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Interviewer reveals Troy Ave almost got into a shootout during their interview

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Interviewer reveals Troy Ave almost got into a shootout during their interview

Troy Ave 5For the past couple of years, Troy Ave has been doing his thing, but he made 2013 his official rookie campaign and he did well. Troy Ave released his New York City album as his debut album last month. Since then, Troy Ave has solidified his position as a future “king” of New York.

Watching Troy Ave grow from the mixtape scene to the most-discussed newer artist on the New York hip hop scene has been fun to watch. Likewise, it was inspiring to watch Doe B rise from Alabama to hip hop stardom. Sadly, over the weekend, the world witnessed his death at the hands of a rival at a local concert.

Recently, Troy Ave conducted an interview and the person who hosted him had something interesting to say. Without disclosing who they were and who the interview was conducted on behalf of, the person revealed Troy Ave brought guns to the interview and almost wound up in a shootout. The person said if they had a gun, they would’ve fired shots on Troy Ave’s behalf, too.

Read the interviewer’s statement below:

In the introduction to this piece, I mention that I know for a fact that Troy Ave owns at least one gun. Here is the story of how I know this. Post-post office, Troy Ave announces that he’s taking me to his old hood. Hovain hears this, and decides he’s going to go home now. This seems fine, it’s around six and Hov probably has better shit to do than hang out with us all day. Then, he surreptitiously passes Troy Ave a gun, which Troy then tucks into his Orisues. The firearm will remain on his person for the remainder of the evening. As we meander through pre-highway traffic, Troy makes eye contact with two dudes in a car next to us. I see his eyes narrow through his Versace sunshades. Sometimes, Troy can’t tell if people are looking at him because he’s a rapper or they want to kill him for some reason. This does not seem like a good problem to have. Turns out the staring contest for naught, but for a split second it seemed certain that Troy Ave was going to get into a shootout, and I was going to watch (and possibly help if he had a second gun). As we drive away from the scene, I consider a certain couplet from his song Cokamania: “Don’t get it confused—I’m into the violence.

“I ask him if he is seriously worried about his life. He explains, “I can walk around with jewelry and a Rolex watch on. Nobody’s gonna rob me. They know the reciprocations of that. At the same time, you could have somebody try to some sneaky !!, like set me up or something. My demeanor and my past history would suggest that if you would try something it wouldn’t be worth it. I don’t have situations where somebody plays me or do something to me and there’s never no reaction. If you ever heard somebody did something to Troy Ave, something always happens after that.” He says this as we’re pulling up to his mom’s house.

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