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J. Cole talks rejection with AmaruDonTV [VIDEO]

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J. Cole talks rejection with AmaruDonTV [VIDEO]

A major part of this Roc Nation quad is J. Cole, who held the number one position on the charts until Jay-Z took over. Born Sinner is one of the best hip hop albums to come in a long time and hopefully it will silence the critics. People questioned if J. Cole could come back out with more hits and he came back bigger than ever.

However, J. Cole has dealt with his fair share of rejection just like everyone else who had the chance to live a regular life. Most never speak of it, but deep down, everyone has a fear of rejection. This fear is null and void because we all get rejected on a daily basis, but live and learn.

J. Cole found himself rejected by Jay-Z several times, then last week he outsold both Wale and Kanye West. Two albums deep with Roc Nation, J. Cole has made a few media rounds. In the interview, J. Cole spoke on rejection and how he deals with it when it happens.


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