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Ja Rule suffers Bad Day, reignites 50 Cent feud

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Ja Rule suffers Bad Day, reignites 50 Cent feud

Ja Rule IIBy The Hip Hop Writer
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

For the past few years, Ja Rule has been trying to put together a comeback. However, he has run into all kinds of blocks ever since he returned three years ago. In the middle of his comeback attempt, Ja began a friendship with Lil Wayne. The friendship quickly grew and during July of 2007, the two were arrested for guns and drugs.

Late in 2007, Ja Rule and Lil Wayne appeared alongside Remy Ma and Busta Rhymes in court. With the exception of Busta Rhymes, all of the rappers ended up doing time in prison. Lil Wayne’s prison stint was the most notarized, as he was released just last month. Ja Rule had hoped for a break, but he will be in prison for two years.

After the news broke, Ja Rule’s rival, 50 Cent, began poking fun at him via Twitter. He told Rule to be strong because he only has to serve over 700 days, then called him a little punk. Once he read the posts, Ja Rule replied to 50 Cent, saying his comments were fucked up. Sensing he did take things a little too far, 50 Cent issued an apology to Ja Rule.

Some fans thought the enemies communicating could possibly lead to them ending their feud which has lasted over ten years. This seemed possible when Ja Rule seemingly made tweets about him hating Irv Gotti and asking 50 Cent why he ended his career. As the tweets continued, Ja Rule said he wanted to sign with the rival G-Unit Records for years. Fans soon began tweeting Ja Rule to see if he was alright. It quickly became clear his account was hacked and Ja Rule logged back in to blast 50 Cent for hacking his account.

There is no doubt that his account was hacked, but there is no proof that ties this to 50 Cent. One thing that is clear is that Ja Rule is nowhere near close to ending his feud with 50 Cent. Until someone comes out as the culprit, he is blaming 50 Cent for the meaningless tweets.

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