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Security guard knocks a man out, outside of a party, with one punch [VIDEO]

Bodyguard knocks a man out with one punch outside of party

While the premise of parties is for everybody to have a good time, that’s almost never the case. At parties, there’s normally a person, or group of people, who get left out. Also, there’s almost always a person who tries to cause a disturbance. However, not every party has a physical altercation. But, this Halloween party definitely had an altercation. The bodyguard for YouTuber, Jack Doherty, ended up knocking a guy out with one punch, outside of the party.

A lot of parties do have a lot of nonsense that surrounds it. No, not every party, itself, has a lot of nonsense, but there’s always people with ill intentions not too far away. Sometimes, these people end up ruining a good time. If they don’t do it directly, they end up influencing the people who may wind up messing up a good party. In this situation, there’s not much context to explain what led up to this situation.

Out of nowhere, an argument took place outside of a Halloween party. The security guard soon ends up arguing with one of the guys. When the argument begins, the guy at the party begins hurling all kinds of insults at the guard. Apparently, the guard got tired of being talked to in that way. As a result, he ended up clearing the crowd, and knocking the guy out. Well, the punch didn’t literally knock him out, but it knocked him down. After that, the women got angry at the guard, who was working for Jack Doherty.


Bodyguard knocks a man out with one punch outside of party

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