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Jack-In-The-Box employee shoots at drive thru customers in Houston, over a dispute [VIDEO]

Jack In The Box employee shoots at customers over curly fries

Being a fast food worker is a thankless job and it can lead to random beef. Most workers are trained to simply ignore the customer. However, if the customer becomes too unruly, they are to alert their superiors. If worst comes to worst, call the authorities. Since 2020, workers have increasingly taken matters into their own hands, going back at customers. A Houston Jack-In-The-Box worker pulled a gun and shot at some customers she got into an argument with in the drive thru.

Nearly 29,000 people in the United States work fast food jobs. Over half of those workers are women, who work long hours. Most people working these jobs are making under $30,000 a year. Given the rising costs, due to inflation, that’s barely a living wage. As a result, many fast food workers don’t have the level of care that the ones who came before them did. Meanwhile, the fast food customers simply want their orders to be correct.

In Houston, a Jack-In-The-Box drive thru quickly turned violent. At the drive thru, a customer ended up getting into an argument with the two women working the window. According to reports, the argument began due to curly fries being missing from the order. The camera picked up on the customers growing angry and throwing their food back at the employees. After that, one of the women walked off, came back with a gun, and opened fire. As a result, the customers sped off.


Jack In The Box employee shoots at customers over curly fries

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