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Jacky Oh’s cause of death revealed as complications from cosmetic surgery in receiving BBL

Jacky Oh passed away from complications from cosmetic surgery

Back in June, it was revealed that “Wild ‘N Out” host Jacky Oh suddenly passed away. At the time, it was assumed that she passed as a result of complications from a “mommy makeover” in Miami. Furthermore, the surgeon who worked with Jacky and posted photos with her went on to delete them from his Instagram feed. Moreover, Jacky was also in a relationship with comedian and Wild ‘N Out host DC Young Fly, as they had two children together.

Meanwhile, the official cause of death for Jacky Oh has now been revealed. According to Page Six, it was due to complications from cosmetic surgery, which many anticipated to be the official ruling. The autopsy states that she flew to Miami to undergo a BBL procedure, as that was done on May 30. Jacky also had swelling in her brain and extensive bleeding of the skin around her torso.

Jacky went on to be prescribed prescribed Cliprofloxacin, Oxycodone and Ondansetron. However, she went on to experience headaches and went on to schedule an appointment with her doctor. Jacky soon planned to get a massage to help with the pain, and was recommended to take ibuprofen and to stop using Ondansetron.

On May 31, Jacky soon went on to complain about her head “burning,” and even had trouble speaking. Her aunt soon called 911, but ended up being unresponsive when paramedics arrived. Unfortunately, she went on to be pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Jacky Oh passed away from complications from cosmetic surgery

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