Jalen Rose and Angela Rye announce their relationship on IG [PHOTO]

Jalen Rose and Angela Rye announce relationship on IG

Jalen Rose is well-known in the sports world, as Angela Rye is famous in the political arena. During that 2016-2021 period, Rye was a fixture on “The Breakfast Club.” Meanwhile, Jalen Rose proved to be one of the best role players in NBA history. In addition, he was the Indiana Pacers’ best player in the 2000 NBA Finals, not named Reggie Miller. After his retirement, Jalen found a new passion in media. The same can be said for Angela Rye. Now, the two have found love in each other.

Jalen Rose definitely made a name for himself, as a media personality. These past few years showing his work on ESPN completely reinvented his image. However, Rose was among the people ESPN let go, this past summer. As a result, Jalen is going to have to find somewhere else to do his work. In between time, he’s found time for something else. While all of this work is important, a personal life is, too. As a result, in the midst of work drama, Jalen found someone.

Jalen Rose did a collaborative Instagram post with Angela Rye. Together, they announced they are now involved with each other. The news, thus far, has been well-received by the fans on social media. Both Rose and Rye are prominent media personalities. As previously mentioned, Jalen is a sports media personality. In addition, Angela Rye is a well-known political commentator. During their announcement posts, their professions meeting was mentioned.

Jalen Rose and Angela Rye announce relationship on IG

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