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Jay-Z and Kanye West go “H.A.M.”

Last week, Kanye West announced the first single from his album with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne, would be released. The two rappers decided to record together last year. Kanye West has fought his entire career to prove himself to Jay-Z. Despite his constant praises, West always felt like the little brother.

Jay-Z feels Kanye West did a lot of growing up following his incident with Taylor Swift. He admired the way Kanye handled things in the aftermath of the situation. For starters, West did not keep things going, instead he apologized. Jay-Z would have not expected that from Kanye West.

The situation provided most of the fuel for Kanye’s latest album, the critically-acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. It was after he heard this album that Kanye West and Jay-Z agreed that they were finally equals in the game. Promotion for this album began immediately following the release of the fifth solo effort from Kanye West.

Now, one week after the announcement of the first single, “H.A.M. (Hard as a Motherf*cker)” has been released to the internet.

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