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Jay-Z receives backlash for old interview, where he said he refused to give his cousin $4,800 [VIDEO]

Jay-Z gets backlash for refusing to loan his cousin money

Jay-Z, by most accounts, is considered the most successful man in hip hop. While he hasn’t always been the wealthiest rapper, most of the time he is. Not only was Jay a rapper, but also, he was a businessman. One of his most notorious lines is “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.” As a result, people look to Jay-Z to close the deal. With that, the assumption is he has money. During his 2022 interview with Kevin Hart, Jay spoke on this, revealing he turned a cousin down who asked him for $4,800.

Jay-Z’s actual career as a rapper was his first foray into corporate business. Not only was he the flagship artist, but also, Jay was the co-CEO and 1/3 owner of Roc-A-Fella Records. His debut album led to Def Jam purchasing 50% of Roc-A-Fella for $10 million, in 1997. Eventually, Hov secured a deal to sell the whole label to Def Jam. Sometime after that, he partnered with Live Nation. In turn, they formed the company, Roc Nation, which is worth almost $200 million.

Jay-Z sat down with Kevin Hart for his talk show on Peacock, last year. Over the weekend, a clip went viral of Jay talking about money. He used an example of coming home for Thanksgiving and a cousin asking him for a $4,800 loan to start a business. Jay said the cousin explained that the deal would make him $2 million. However, Jay said he told him it doesn’t work like that, and turned him down. As a result, people on social media are dragging Jay for being a billionaire but not giving the money.

Jay-Z gets backlash for refusing to loan his cousin money

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