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Jay-Z reportedly working on new solo album

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Jay-Z reportedly working on new solo album

Jay-Z 3By The Hip Hop Writer
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Once upon a time, not too long ago, Jay-Z used to deliver a new album every single year and went multi platinum every time. Even back then, Jay-Z saw something bigger for himself and was preparing a transition out of the rap game. In his rhymes, which some find difficult to “decode,” he warns of his exit from the game.

In 2003, Jay-Z exited the rap game in grand fashion with his goodbye-themed eighth studio album, The Black Album. The album was critically-acclaimed, but Jay-Z would return in 2006. Releasing albums on the heels of each other would take another hiatus before releasing The Blueprint 3.

Four years have passed since Jay-Z released The Blueprint 3 and there have been constant rumors of a new Jay-Z album in the works. Two years ago, Jay-Z made a brief comeback, alongside Kanye West on their joint album, Watch the Throne. Now, according to the rumors, Jay-Z is working on a new album where he will return to his older style of rapping and is using his tour with Justin Timberlake to launch the new project.

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