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Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford” line leads to Tom Ford dress line [PHOTOS]

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Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford” line leads to Tom Ford dress line [PHOTOS]

Jay-Z 9Much like how he put an end to the auto-tune phenomena, Jay-Z also did his best to help end the Molly era in hip hop. When Jay-Z released Magna Carta Holy Grail, he had a lot of big records he wanted to put out. “Holy Grail” with Justin Timberlake was huge, as was “Tom Ford.”

With all the talk about various fashion brands over the past couple of years, Jay-Z took it to the next level. The “Tom Ford” single has done extremely well and it’s still dominating radio in several markets. It seems like everything Jay-Z says and does in rap leads to another business venture.

Jay-Z had shirts to go along with his “Tom Ford” single and now the Tom Ford brand has turned this into a dress. It looks identical to the jerseys Jay-Z is wearing during his concerts, but with the exception of it being an actual skirt. Not only does Jay-Z get another subliminal message out there, he also has another business venture out of the deal.

See photos of the Tom Ford skirts below:

Tom Ford skirt 1Tom Ford skirt 2


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