Jeannie Mai is reportedly trying to win Jeezy back and is devastated over him filing for divorce

Jeannie Mai reportedly devastated and trying to win Jeezy back

Jeannie Mai has been the source of a lot of gossip, since her divorce news broke. For years, she and Jeezy seemed like the happiest couple on the timeline. Last year, the couple welcomed the birth of their first child together. However, as visible as Jeezy has been in 2023, Jeannie Mai has been noticeably absent from his side. So, when the divorce reports came, few were surprised. Now, there are rumors that she’s desperately trying to get back with Jeezy.

Jeannie Mai has a lot of people talking and a person on TikTok created the rumor about her having an affair with Mario Lopez. The two work together and have great on-camera chemistry. As a result, many people were quick to believe the rumors. Despite the rumors, there is no actual evidence of Jeannie ever having more than a professional relationship with Lopez. However, additional rumors say she is heartbroken over Jeezy, and wants to stay with him.

Jeannie Mai wanting to stay with Jeezy isn’t an outlandish rumor. After all, they have been married for two years, and they just had their daughter a year ago. According to reports, Jeezy filing for divorce has left Jeannie Mai “devastated.” As a result, she is working hard to win him back. These same sources say she is upset because she didn’t get married, just to get divorced. Meanwhile, there are all kinds of rumors floating around about what caused this split.

Source: The Neighborhood Talk

Jeannie Mai reportedly devastated and trying to win Jeezy back

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