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Jerry "Jaekwon" Taylor discusses the Business Side of the Music Industry and Myrtle Beach hip hop scene

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Jerry "Jaekwon" Taylor discusses the Business Side of the Music Industry and Myrtle Beach hip hop scene

div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”a href=”” imageanchor=”1″ style=”clear: left; cssfloat: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;”img border=”0″ hca=”true” height=”213″ src=”” width=”320″ //a/divstrongBy The Hip Hop Writer/strongbr /strongHip Hop Vibe Staff Writer/strongbr /br /Often times, when fans think of the hip hop industry, they think about the rappers. Many young people around the world dream of being featured in the top magazines, websites, and networks. The ones overlooked are the people who make this /br /Jerry “Jaekwon” Taylor is among the people who bring the rappers to life. His company, Ill Unit Entertainment, is based in one of the most-beautiful rural cities, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Having worked with both the big names and independent stars, Taylor has provided years of service to the /br /Aside from working with the rappers, Jerry Taylor has also had the chance to be up close and personal with a number of models. When he is not doing photoshoots with models and rappers, Taylor is out filming the nightlife of Myrtle Beach for his Streets Mayhem DVD series. Streets Mayhem DVD featured several stars, on all levels, and the DVD can be picked up in several locations in Myrtle /br /strongRead the entire interview below:/strongbr /br /strongHow long have you been working in the entertainment industry?/strongbr /I would say fifteen years /br /strongWhat inspired you to create Mayhem Photography amp; Video?/strongbr /Once the Streets Mayhem DVD came along, it was tough to try to have a photography comapny under the name “streets mayhem.” So, we came up with Mayhem Photography amp; Video in order to come off more mainstream, it is versatile, where as Streets Mayhem is right there in the /br /strongWhat is it like working closely with so many different women?/strongbr /It is eye-catching, very much so. It’s cool though, because I am friends with a lot of the girls I worked with and the girls I do not know personally, know the girls I already work with. They all know the type of person I am, so they know I will keep things professional. But, it can be difficult, at times, given some of the projects, but I always keep it /br /strongHow does it feel to do events?/strongbr /Depending on the type of event I am at, if it is mainstream entertainers, or underground entertainers who have different fields. The energy is there, the show is going on. We have full front row access and the other camera crews are out there wondering how we got up front. Overall, it’s a good /br /strongHave you had the chance to work with any big names?/strongbr /Yeah, our first actual show with Streets Mayhem started from the Core DJs Retreat at Club Kryptonite and we were out there with Jermaine Dupri, Big Kuntry King, Q Da Kid, B.o.B., Maino, Yung LA, Jam Master Jay’s wife, and many other big names were there. I also worked with Dipset, Rick Ross, Masspike Miles, Triple Cs, Young Jeezy, and so many other big /br /strongDo you get to work with celebrities often?/strongbr /As far as big-name celebrities, we have been there. But, when you are new in the game, you get brushed off by the big names. However, our first interview was with Yung LA, he gave us our first interview and he gave us the best interview. We have also done Method Man and Redman, DJ Dice, Reddy Roc, Gilla House, and Street Life from /br /strongIsnbsp;being basednbsp;in Myrtle Beach an advantage against other film and photography companies?/strongbr /Definitely, it is an advantage. Since we are here, we have full access to everything going on. We get the phone calls, Facebook, all that. When we get there, we know all the people and what to do, plus we do not even have to /br /strongHow do you feel about the Myrtle Beach hip hop scene?/strongbr /The Myrtle Beach hip hop scene is up-and-coming, a lot of people are rising and moving forward. I see it taking off, but the only problem is Myrtle Beach not being a hip hop area. It is hard for a Myrtle Beach artist to try to expand because of this. When there are independent shows, everyone is trying to /br /strongAre you saying Myrtle Beach hip hop needs more unity?/strongbr /I’m not really saying that. What I am saying is Myrtle Beach is not a hip hop area. The DJs are good here, but other markets have more events, more radio stations, and more outlets for the independent artists. But, we do not have that as much. If we had all that, Myrtle Beach hip hop would be much bigger. People such as myself and a number of promoters are making things better /br /strongWhat are the names of some of Myrtle Beach’s hottest record labels?/strongbr /Raw Ent., they are hot, but they are based out of Conway. 3D Entertainment, they are really doing their thing. Empire X, they are another big label down here, they are the Rawkus Records of Myrtle Beach. Those three and then Bloodline /br /strongWho are some of the artists in the area to look out for?/strongbr /Oh wow, Lil Z, Bino, Shep Holmes, Critical, Swagger, LB, Young Hood, Rize X, Gunnz, Lad City, of Coteezy, Face Monopoly,nbsp;all those dudes are really doing there /br /strongWhere do you see the Myrtle Beach hip hop scene in five years?/strongbr /If the pace continues, the club owners continue allowing the artists to come out and perform and doing forums and everyone keeps doing their thing, they are really going to bring a name, aside from Bike Week, to Myrtle /br /strongWhat are some of the top hip hop clubs in Myrtle Beach?/strongbr /First, you have my favorite spot, Bikini Beach Club, 9th Avenue Bar amp; Grill, Fourth Quarter, the hard-knock club of the Beach, 3rd Avenue Bar, another hot spot, Skully’s, those are the top /br /strongDo a lot of performances take place at those spots?/strongbr /Yeah, all the time. They have performances there frequently. Most recently, the South Carolina Underground Music Award performances were at the Bikini Beach Club, shout out to Ms. KiKi. Fourth Quarter has had a bunch of big shows. 9th Avenue is going to have Meek Mill out /br /strongAnybody you want to shout out?/strongbr /The Streets Mayhem team, L Smash, Wink, the other members of Streets Mayhem. My dude Grind Mode, Marcus, DJ Prince, Grind Mode Ent., Mr. Swaggnificent Ent., the first lady of Streets Mayhem, Tina Truth, be on the lookout for her, Young Yaz, shouts to Quadir Ransom Ent., DJ Twigz, DJ Sez, Jay Vurgess with Ocean’s Ten Studios, Big J The Mayor of King Life Ent. Of course, Hip Hop Vibe for the interview. Also, the person who hooked me up and rocks for me hard, Laz City, they got me the Yung LA interview, they are big. Butter Black, shout him out. Duzkn Pro, shout him out.nbsp;Much love to Dipset, as well.div class=”blogger-post-footer”div class=”separator” style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”
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