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Jet Life Swag: Soulja Boy reflects on how far he’s come [PHOTO]

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Jet Life Swag: Soulja Boy reflects on how far he’s come [PHOTO]

Soulja Boy 49By DJ Louie Styles
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Life is good, it’s just up to the people living it to realize just how much good comes from getting a new set of twenty-four hours. Soulja Boy maximized his and now every move he makes is a new business venture. Most-certainly, Soulja Boy is a major factor in the game and he’s come a long way.

This summer, Soulja Boy expanded his interests and refocused on the business that got him into the game. Music brought Soulja Boy into the industry and this is what is helping AGoff and Paul Allen earn their stripes. Going from making music on the internet to performing at award shows, Soulja Boy doesn’t just drive, he flies private.

Soulja Boy has come a long way over the past seven years. For those who didn’t actually live the journey, they have no idea just how many odds Soulja Boy overcame in order to win. Very briefly, while sitting in the doorway of his jet, Soulja Boy reflected on how far he came.

See Soulja Boy’s Instagram photo below:


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