Jimmy Butler gets accused of using high gas prices to show off his Bugatti [VIDEO]

Jimmy Butler accused of using gas prices to show off Bugatti

Jimmy Butler joined the Miami Heat in 2019 and has led them to the NBA Finals twice. However, both times, the Heat upset their way to the Finals. As a result, they came into both championship rounds severely overmanned. So, Jimmy is 0-2 in the NBA Finals, with a 3-8 overall record. Like everybody else, he’s been enjoying his summer. The high price of gas has annoyed everyone. But when Jimmy Butler was complaining while putting $145 in his Bugatti, people were annoyed with him.

Jimmy Butler holds the distinction of being both a journeyman and a franchise cornerstone. Drafted in 2011, Jimmy put himself on the map in the 2015 NBA Playoffs. During that time, Butler was playing with the Chicago Bulls. He rose in the ranks to become Derrick Rose’s number two. After Rose was traded, it was Jimmy who led the franchise. In 2017, he was traded to Minnesota, leading them to their first playoff since 2004, in 2018. That same year, he was traded to Philadelphia.

Jimmy Butler found a home with the Miami Heat, signing with them in 2019. For many reasons, Miami is home to one of the NBA’s most notorious franchises. In the Jimmy Butler era, the Heat are considered villains of the league. This is a role Butler proudly embraces. So when he was sharing his time at the gas pump, filling up his Bugatti, people were quick to attack. He was complaining about spending $145 to fill up his Bugatti. However, the fans have accused him of showing off.

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Jimmy Butler accused of using gas prices to show off Bugatti